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How to stop stuttering

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Stuttering is a speech disorder. This happens when you know what you want to say but it becomes hard to get the words out. You may feel as if the words get stuck. Sometimes, you may also find yourself repeating them over and over. Some other times you may also posit certain syllables. Stuttering is a problem that affects people of all ages, even though it is more common in case of children ages 2 to 6. About 75% children lose this stutter problem with age but around 25% suffer from this throughout adulthood.

Let's find out how you can stop stuttering and talk normally like any other person.

Slow down

If you want to stop stutter right away, you need to slow down. Start talking slowly and you will not have problem in saying what you want to say. If you rush to complete a thought, it is more likely that you will stutter if you already have this problem. Do not speed up your speech because it will create trouble in getting the words out. Take a few deep breaths and then starts taking slowly and you'll be able to control your stutter.


Find a friend or a close relative with whom you can sit down and talk. Practicing is very important to ensure that you do not stutter while speaking. Practicing is the only way of ensuring that. If you are talking to someone you know and you are doing it at an environment which is safe enough for you, you will feel more at ease with yourself and away that your speech sounds. That will help you to build more self-confidence about the way you speak. Even though it is not the perfect way of speaking to other people, the confidence that you will develop will help you to get rid of your stuttering problem.

You can also join a self-help group that comprise of other people who also have this problem. He can get together with such a group and that will help you to do better. You'll also learn what works for other people when they are speaking in public or in a small group of friends. You can also practice your own speech and find out how you are doing.

Go electronic

There is a specialized ear device known as speech monitor and it can help you to overcome your stuttering problem. These devices are delayed and frequency altered feedback software which will help you to speak more fluently. It is like a hearing aid and it is attached to the inside of your ear. The software changes the sound of your voice and delays the sound by a fraction of a second. It will help you to slow your speech and thereby will help you to speak without a stutter.

Before you decide to buy such a device, you should be sure because it is a costly device which may cost you from $ 2500 to $4500. The device is effective but whether these effects are long-term or not that is not sure yet. Talk to your doctor before buying such a device and take his or her advice. There may also be some financial assistance program available for such machines.

It is important to talk to your doctor because your doctor may be able to recommend a more affordable device to help you with your speech.


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