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3 Tech Advances of KD Smart Chairs

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Wheelchairs set us in motion when we are rendered immobile. The reasons why immobility sets in differ from one person to another. It could be as a result of an injury, illness, or disability. You could be subjected to using a wheelchair for a short period of time or, in extreme cases, a lifetime.

To ease your movement, a wheelchair should be comfortable and easy to navigate. With the advancement in technology, wheelchairs have also seen major upgrades. They have evolved, making life easier for users. The tech advances on these set of wheels include:

1)    Light Weight

A power KD smart chair frame is created using light but high quality materials, which are strong enough to support the weight of a user and to make it more portable. The reduced weight enables easier navigation from one place to the other and helps one move on different terrains at ease. This reduces the pressure and effort applied to the user's muscles and body.


The battery fitted is also of high quality and light, reducing the overall weight of the smart chairs. The wheels fitted use quality lightweight materials too. The seat also uses strong but light materials that can easily support the weight of the user, reducing the sitting pressure exerted. They also come with a carry basket one can put his or her items. This helps spread the weight evenly.

2)    Portability

A wheelchair can be large and complex to carry around when not in use. This series has made it easier by providing a folding option. The wheelchair once folded reduces in size making it smaller. This small size enables it to fit in small spaces such as car trunks and on bikes. Their size also fits comfortably in car spaces built for the physically challenged. This eases the hustle of loading and unloading it, especially when you are alone.

Their folding option is also easy. Those using it can do it on their own too. The chairs recline, and this eases the movement in spaces with different designs and set up. In case of system or power failure, you can manually push the chairs to your destination. Materials and other substances used are also non- prohibited. You can easily move around in it from one place to the other.

3)    A Range to Choose From

Technology has given rise to powered wheelchairs. The range to choose from is great and creatively crafted. It differs from the old models where only a few altercations created the difference. This gives you the opportunity to choose a wheelchair that fits your needs and personality based on aspects like weight and battery capacity.

Currently, there are four options for different needs. They differ in structure to ensure that they fit the specific terrain and environment they are used in. They also vary in power capacity, speed, and design. This allows them to accommodate the different activities each user engages in. They can also be customized to fit your special needs. You will get exactly what you need.