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Toning your face with facial exercises

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The purpose of facial exercises

Your face has more than 50 different muscles. Even though you use different muscles in your body a different point of your time but the facial muscles are rarely used. Since we do not do any exercises for the face so these muscles are left untouched.

When you start regular facial exercises, you promote the circulation of blood to different areas of your face. When that happens, the blood will replenish the oxygen supply in the muscles and the skin. It will help you to achieve a bright complexion and beautiful healthy glow.

When you perform regular facial exercises it'll keep your facial muscles fit for the long-term. Regular facial exercises will improve the blood flow and provide your skin cells with nutrients which will result in stimulation of cell regeneration and prevention of wrinkles.

How often should you exercise your facial muscles?

This is a very important question. You need to perform facial exercise routine 3 to 5 times a week for about 20 minutes. This is one of the quickest way to see results and within a couple of months you will start to see changes to your complexion.

Benefits of facial exercises

  • When you perform regular facial exercises, it will strengthen the muscles in your face.
  • Regular facial exercises will reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Regular facial exercises will also increase blood circulation in your face, different cells and will provide the necessary nutrients.
  • Facial exercise will also release any tension in the face and neck.
  • Regular facial exercise is necessary to ensure that you have a firm and tight facial skin.

Facial yoga

Facial yoga is another type of exercise for your face. However, unlike some other facial exercises, facial yoga is focus on relaxing and toning your face. It is very similar to yoga because like yoga it also tries to relax you and improve your body. Facial yoga is beneficial for you because it intends to counteract the effects of strained facial expressions to leave both the muscles and skin relaxed and rejuvenated.

There are different types of facial yoga exercises which you can do to get benefit from them for a long time. One simple example of facial yoga exercise is simply rubbing your hands together to warm them up before placing your palms over your closed eyes. Keep the palms there for a few minutes. While doing this, keep your breath deep. This will help you to relieve any tension from the eye area.

Some tips for performing facial exercises the right way

If you are trying to perform facial exercises to improve your face, the following tips will help you to do better and get more benefit.

  • You need to perform facial exercises lying down because they are most effective at that position.
  • Before you start facial exercises, you should only clean your hands. If you touch your face with unclean hands, it can result in contamination and infection which will result in different skin problems.
  • If it is possible you should try to do your facial fitness routine at the same time every day. This will help you not to forget to perform your facial fitness routines every day.
  • While performing facial fitness routine, you should never pull or tug on the skin aggressively. If you do that, it can get you the opposite result- it may accentuate wrinkles.


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