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Why sprinting is good for you

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Sprinting can change your life completely. If you want to shed those extra weight and fat from your body, if you want to boost your metabolism and regulate your fat burning hormones, sprinting can help you to do so. There are many benefits of sprinting. Let's find out how sprinting can change your life.

Build muscle

Yes, sprinting can help you to build more muscle. It is an anaerobic exercise and it can help you to build muscles in the same way that weight training does. In weight training, you generally focus on one body part at a time. Sprint does not work that way. Instead of focusing on only one part, in sprinting you use dozens of muscles at the same time. In that way, it becomes one of the most complete muscle training exercises that are available in this world. Some scientific studies also found that sprinting can enhance protein synthesis pathways and that will help you in breaking down protein by as much as 230%. If you have the right nutrition and recovery, sprinting can help you to promote muscle building and your body will become leaner with lean muscles.

Better results at less time

If you want to achieve the results of one hour of high-intensity cardio within 15 minutes, sprinting can help you to do that. If you perform 10 sprints for 15 minutes, that will help you to achieve the results of one hour of high-intensity cardio. You don't have to sweat extra for a long duration to achieve the results which can be done in 15 minutes. In sprint, you get quick bursts of movements which will help you to lose weight effectively. If you do not have lots of time to spend exercising, this is the best thing that you can do-simply go for short sprints any will achieve the same results by maximising your workout in half the time.

Boost your metabolism

Sprinting will also help you to boost your metabolism. By doing that, you will be able to lose weight even after the workout is over. With sprinting, you will be able to burn a lot of calories in a short span of time. It will help you to lose weight even when the workout is over. When you sprint, it will kick start your metabolism and will allow you to burn more calories even after you stop sprinting. This is a fact backed by a scientific study done by Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh. Sprinting will actually boost your metabolism and thereby will help you to keep burning more fat for a longer duration.

Improve heart health

You can improve your heart helps by sprinting. The main objective of sprinting is not just weight loss. It has tremendous cardiovascular benefits. It can lower your blood pressure. When you sprint you build fast twitch muscle and they will help you to improve your heart function. When you sprint harder, all your muscles worked together and they make your heart pump harder and thereby improve overall blood circulation. That makes your heart healthy and stronger. It results in reducing the chances of heart disease in future. So, if you want to stay healthy and stay away from different types of heart problems including strokes in future, a little bit of sprint will always help you to achieve that objective by improving the functions of your heart and by making it stronger.


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