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How to improve your speed

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If you want to improve your speed, there are ways to do that. Athletes and runners use different ways to increase their speed. Let's find out how you can also improve your speed and run faster with better endurance.

Improve with the help of interval training

Interval training will help you to improve your speed. It teaches your body to use oxygen more efficiently and thereby it will improve both your running speed and endurance. A simple interval training may include running at a moderate pace for 15 minutes. The speech should be about 70 to 80% of your fastest running speed. It is necessary to improve your heart rate so that your body can start observing oxygen more efficiently. Now run for one minute at a maximum speed which will increase your heart rate and exhaust your muscles. Now, after one minute walk for two minutes and let your muscles cool down. Repeat this process at least 4 to 5 times. All total, it will take 12 to 15 minutes and at the end of the exercise you'll be totally exhausted. Repetition is very important here because it will force your body to absorb losses and more efficiently and over time your ability to absorb oxygen will improve significantly.

Improve speed with stretching

Stretching can also help you to improve your speed and endurance. It is very important to lose in up your muscles before you start exercising and stretching can do it for you. Stretching before running will also prevent injuries and reduce the risk of pain. For stretching, you can perform a set of walking lunges, do some leg swings and perform some other form of exercises which will stretch different parts of your legs.

Stretching is also important after you run. Doing some standing quads, standing calves and other stretching exercises will help you to stretch the muscles after running and avoid the possibility of pain and cramps.

Stretching daily will improve your flexibility and as a result of that your strides will improve. It is very important to stretch your hip flexors because they are crucial in improving your speed.

Improve speed with strength training

Strength training not only improves your tone and muscles, it can also help you to improve your speed. If you go for strength training at least three times a week, that will help you to improve your running speed and endurance. It is very important to build your muscles for better running performance. There are different strength training exercises available which will help you to improve your body but for improving your speed and endurance, you need to perform some specific exercises. Such important exercises include squats using dumbbells, planks, push-ups and other such exercises. Improving the strength and build of your legs and your core will help you more in increasing your speed and endurance.

Focusing on your core is important because if you have strong core muscles, especially lower abs, it will help you to use more force when you are running. If you include 15 minutes of core workout if you days every week, it can help you to speed up.

Lifting weights will help you to create stronger, leaner muscles which will increase your speed. You don't have to become a bodybuilder but three strength training sessions every week will definitely help you to improve your speed.


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