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Increase your vertical jump height

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If you want to increase your vertical jump, there are ways to do that. Increasing vertical leap will involve heavy recruitment of the legs muscles and so the exercise should focus on those important muscle.

Remove the knots from your legs

Muscle knots which are also known as trigger points are available in different parts of your body and they restrict the length of your muscle tissue. Because of the restriction, the muscle tissue becomes short and weak. You can relieve these spasms by using a foam roller. While using the roller, you need to move slowly until the knot is released. You will need to work on the calves, quads, IT band and similar other areas. Use the roller under your calf and role from your ankle to your knee. Use the roller along your outer thigh. Use it from the bottom of your heat to the top of your knee to release knots.

Death jumps

To perform death jumps, you will need to step off a box and then explode up immediately after landing on the ground. It will help your lower body muscles by activating them so that you can use them when you need air. It will help you to improve your reaction time. To perform this, you need to stand on the box which should be 6 to 8 inches off the ground and then step off. As soon as you hit the ground, you will need to jump as high as you can while reaching overhead with your arms. While lending, you should land softly. After recovering for a second, you need to step back onto the box and then repeat the whole process.

Knee to feet jump

This is a plyometric move which will help you to improve your vertical jump. First you need to come down to your knees and sit back on your heels. Then you can swing your arms to create the momentum so that he can jump up explosively. While jumping up, you need to drive your hips forward and bring the legs and feet directly under you. Brace the body and land in a squat position with the arms in front of you. Now lower back to the kneeling position.

Bulgarian split squats

Bulgarian split squats can help you to improve your vertical jump. Your legs are very important to decide the height you can jump up to. The Bulgarian split squat is beneficial for you because it will help you to build strength and improve your balance. Stand a few paces away from a bench and place one leg on it placing the top of your foot on the bench. Now hold a dumbbell in each hand stand up keeping your chest up. Lower yourself until the back knee touches the ground. Use the heel of your front foot and then push yourself back up into a standing position. Now repeat the process with the other foot.

Focusing on your legs and trying to get a good jump height with different types of such leg practices will help you to improve your vertical jump to a great extent. It will not only help the basketball players and high jumpers but will also help you in your normal life by improving your fitness and flexibility.


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