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4 ways to increase your vertical jump

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Improving vertical jump will give you several benefits depending on the sport you are in. It is more useful for people who play basketball, football and other such sports where they need to jump higher. You need to boost your lower body power and get your body to the best shape when you want to jump higher in air. There are different ways to improve your vertical jump height and different methods may suit different people.


The following tips will help you to increase your vertical jump. Let's see what you need to know and how you can improve your vertical jump.

Find out the knots

Have you heard the word muscle knots? They're also known as trigger points. They are present in different parts of your body. These knots restrict the length of your muscle tissue. You can use a foam roller to remove these spasms. Use it slowly and keep doing it until the not releases. You need to focus on different parts of your body to find the knots and remove them. These knots are present in calves, IT band and quads. Roll up and down to find the knots in these areas and smoothly work the ruler to remove these knots.

Bulgarian split squats

If you want to jump higher and increase your vertical jump height, you will need more power in your legs. So, you need exercises which will help you to increase strength of your legs. The Bulgarian split squat is very important when you want to build leg strength. It will help you to build strength and at the same time will also improve your balance. Take a bench and stand a few paces from it. Now place the top of your nonworking leg on the bench. Hold to dumbbells in your hands and standing erect with your chest up, you need to go down until the knee of the nonworking leg nearly touches the floor. Push yourself up using the heel of your from foot. This is considered as one rep. You need to do eight reps and three sets for each leg.

Depth jumps

Depth jumps can help you to increase your vertical jump height and make your legs stronger. How is it done? You step off a box and then immediately explode up when you reach the ground. It shows you how to reduce reaction time and will activate the lower body muscles. These muscles are important when you want to catch more air. You can stand on a box that has a height of 6 to 8 inches. Now step off and as soon as you touch the ground, try to jump keeping your arms overhead. Try to jump as high as you can and then land softly. Give yourself a second to recover. Then start over.

Knee to feet jumps

This is a polymeric move and it is very useful when you want to increase your vertical jump height. How do you do it? Get down on your knees and sit back on your heels. Then you need to explosively jump up by bringing your legs and feet directly under you and driving the hips forward. If you swing your arms while jumping, it will help you to create momentum. While landing, brace your body and land in a squat posture keeping your arms in front of you.

This movement is important for you because it will help you in creating higher lower body power. If you combine it with other exercises, it will improve your vertical jump.



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