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Total bodyweight workout with bars

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Bodyweight exercises can help you to create muscle and look better than you were before. It is also possible to do total-body workouts with your body weight. Bars can help you to take your bodyweight exercise to the next level.

By workouts are some of the best exercises ever. When you perform bar exercises, they will help you to take a more angles, will provide more resistance and will also involve multiple muscle groups. All of these are very important for creating an awesome looking body. Many people love to work out with bars because it provides an all-inclusive workout which will strengthen, tone and form different body parts.

It needs some time

Like any other exercises, gaining strength on the bars may need some time and commitment. This is true for all the exercises. You gradually improve yourself and along with that your exercises also improve. If you take into account gymnasts, they are probably the strongest and most fit people in the world but they also need some time to become expert. Once you are able to perform bar bodyweight exercises, it will open up a big area for you. You can only perform bar exercises and get all the benefits they have to offer or you can include bar exercises in your existing workout regime.


Depending on your level of expertise, there are different types of workouts available for you. You can choose them and start doing them. Once you gradually improve yourself, you can find other more advanced exercises and workouts which will help you to push yourself harder to improve your body.

Some of the basic exercises that you can do with the bars when you start out. Such exercises may include

  1. Pull-Ups
  2. Parallel Bar Dips
  3. Chin-Ups
  4. Parallel Bar Leg Raises
  5. Incline Push-up
  6. Pull-Up Bar Knee Tucks
  7. Parallel Bar Push-ups

If you want to improve your body with bars, you will need to understand and do a few things.

Progressive thinking

To improve better and to create the body you want with bars, you will need to use progressive thinking. Is very similar to lifting weights in the gym which helps you to build muscle. In bar exercises also you will have two challenge your muscles progressively. Try to push your limits little by little with each set or workout session. Try to increase the number of reps and increase the difficulty level. You can add some weights to increase the resistance and to increase your power progressively.

Choose challenging exercises

When you are using bars to create the body you want and to keep yourself fit and healthy, you should choose challenging exercises. Initially it will be difficult for you to complete them but gradually they will become easier for you. Then you can move ahead and choose other difficult exercises. It will help you to keep advancing in your exercises and workouts and at the same time will also help you to develop your body better. This is important to ensure that you're not stuck in the plateau which will hamper your growth.


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