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Foods that you need to avoid when you’re trying to lose fat

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If you are trying to lose fat, there are some foods that you need to avoid at any cost. You need to avoid these foods because they are bad for you especially when you are trying to lose fat. These are some the common foods that we encounter every day. Even though they might be very tempting, you need to avoid them if you really want to lose fat and look better.

Snacks containing carbs

If you find any snack that contains only carbs, you should avoid it. When you eat dry cereal, crackers, bread or rice cakes, your body converts the carbs to simple sugars and the sugar goes into your bloodstream. In response to this, your body will produce extra insulin which will help your body to absorb the sugar. As a result of that your blood sugar level will go down and you will have hunger pangs, which will in turn force you to eat more and more likely more carbs. You are more likely to go for so very foods to satisfy your hunger and that will add more fat to your body.

Instead of carb snacks, you can eat snacks that provide you a combination of carbs, healthy fats and protein. Since they will need longer duration for digestion, they will keep hunger away for a longer duration. If you are eating bread, you can eat a slice of bread with nut butter. You can eat whole grain crackers with low-fat cheese.

High-fibre snack bars

Fibre is good for you because it will keep you full for a longer duration and it is also good for your overall health. However, fibre intake should be consistent throughout the day and then only it will help you to stave off hunger. To ensure that you are getting a regular supply of fibre throughout the day, you can make your own high-fibre snack bars with fruits and vegetables. You can add fruits and vegetables to every snack and meal that you eat throughout the day and that will help you to get all the necessary fibre consistently throughout the day, which will help you to keep yourself full and stave off hunger.

Frozen meals

Frozen meals are not good for you because they contain high levels of sodium. The manufacturer use sodium, which is a natural preservative, for extending the life of frozen meals. When you consume more sodium, you will retain more water and that will bloat you up. So you will not look and feel your best in such a condition. Such frozen meals also contain lots of calories. Because they generally come in small boxes, it will not be enough for a satisfying you and you will want more quantity. That means adding more calories to your body without even knowing about it.

Instead of buying frozen meals, you can simply create your own. Next time you cook, you should cook a little more and then keep the extra in a microwave-safe container and put that in your freezer. It can be stored in for several months depending on the meal. It is also possible to stock your freezer with some protein that you like and frozen vegetables which will help you to cook them within a very short time, which is similar to it takes to cook a premade microwave dinner.


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