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Improve your morning mobility

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It is possible to improve your morning mobility with the help of the simple techniques that you can apply every morning so that you do not have any joint problem in the morning and have better mobility throughout the day.

Rest in a squat

It will help you to improve your mobility. This posture will improve the health of your hips, knees and ankles. This is a flat-footed squat. This is a posture which will improve your mobility. This is also the natural posture for elimination and it is used in different parts of India. It is how the human body was designed to function for proper digestion mechanics. You can practice this resting squat in the morning for some time and that will help you even afterwards. You can spend 1 to 5 minutes in this position in the morning for better results.

Practice deep breathing

Rating is very important and everything will help you with many health benefits. Your breath is a primal life impulse. The rate of your breath will tell a lot about your present health condition. If you are breathing from your diaphragm, which is a muscle, it will contract when you inhale and then expands when you exhale. If you are breathing from your abdomen, it will rise and fall with your breath and at the same time it will mobilize the surrounding organs, muscles and fascia connections. Many people today forget how to breathe deeply and how it feels. When you perform deep breathing, it will improve your lung capacity, blood chemistry and mobility of the interconnected network of muscles in your core. That is why you need to perform it in the morning.

Roll your feet

If you want to improve your mobility and flexibility, besides stretching, self-massage will also help you. It is similar to brushing your teeth and your body will respond in a great way to such massages. Rolling your feet is one type of massage which will help you to improve your mobility and reduce joint problems. There is the largest intersection of fascia and muscles at the bottom of the feet. It also has the highest concentrations of mechanoreceptors. These are the nerve endings that will communicate pressure to the central nervous system. If you use a tennis ball or a massage therapy ball to massage your feet for some time in the morning, it will help you to improve your mobility throughout the day. It will also alleviate many of the pain points and release tension from such points including the lower back, knees and hamstrings.

Invert yourself

When you keep yourself upside down it can be awkward for some but it is beneficial for you because it can help you to improve your movements. When you put yourself upside down, the effects of gravity is reversed and it invigorated the circulation and flood your vital organs and brain with nourishment. There are different types of invert positions that you can try and you don't have to be an advanced practitioner of yoga or a circus performer to do so. You can simply rest your legs up against a wall and that will help you to calm yourself down and rejuvenate your body. If you do this in the morning, it will improve your movements. It can also be done as a morning meditation.


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