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Transport wheelchair; a Movement Solution to the People with Disabilities

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There is a considerable difference between the standard and transportation wheelchairs.  The transport chair for the physically disabled helps them transport themselves and move along urban roads with ease. The chair helps you to move from one location to another and execute your daily activities. Certhealth.com offers quality and durable wheelchairs supplied by certified manufacturers.

A transport wheelchair is highly convenient and designed for short-distance use. It is affordable, lightweight, and easy to move. It can be folded easily and fits well in your car trunk.  A transport chair is useful for normal errands. Service providers often use the wheelchairs to move their patients around. Indeed, a transportation wheelchair is a companion wheelchair.

Benefits of using a transportation wheelchair over the typical wheelchair

  • A transport wheelchair is lighter in weight compared to a standard wheelchair. It is easy to lift and carry. Most of them weigh between 15 to 20 pounds.
  • It is easier to store transportation wheelchairs. They can fold and fit in car trunks without consuming much space.  
  • When it comes to cost, a transportation wheelchair is cheaper than typical wheelchairs.
  • They are comfortable; transport wheelchairs are designed for movement purposes only. They are designed to offer comfort when moving around. They offer support and carry up to a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

How can you choose your preferred transportation wheelchair?

The choice of transport wheelchairs depends on your movement needs. If you move from one area to another regularly all throughout the day, consider lightweight wheelchairs made of aluminum. However, cheap transportation chairs are usually made from steel. Other factors to consider include;

  • The seat size is an aspect to consider for comfort purposes. The typical size is 19 inches but other small sizes are always available.  
  • Brakes are essential for speed control and locking the chair when not in use. They also help when sitting on or getting out of the chair.
  • Better quality transportation wheelchairs have wheels that help in providing you with a better ride.
  • For frequent users of transportation wheelchairs, it is important to consider those with ergonomically designed handles.

Recommendable transportation wheelchairs

One of the best suppliers of transport wheelchairs is certhealth.com. It offers wheelchairs that meet different transportation needs of people with disabilities. Their chairs help you move around with ease and comfort. Whether your movement is limited or your move regularly, certhealth.com has wheelchairs that suit your preferences.

Some of the transport wheelchairs to consider are;

  • Recliner full with ELR
  • The arm padded wheelchairs with ELR K1
  • The lightweight transportation chair with a carrying bag
  • Transportation wheelchairs that have seats measuring 17? or 19?

Transport wheelchairs from certhealth.com have comfortable seats and side arms that support your back and offer balance when riding. The arms rest support your elbows.  The chairs also have foot plates that are flexible enough to move either up or down. They offer a support surface where you can place and rest your foot while sitting or riding.

Let your transport wheelchair hold you up

Transportation chairs should be a priority for the aged, physically disadvantaged people and those with injuries. Nothing should deter you from doing your normal activities and moving around neighborhoods or urban areas. Certhealth.com offers you a wide range of wheelchairs to choose from.