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How to stop a panic attack

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It is possible that almost everyone will experience an anxiety attack at some point of life. When it happens you may feel that there is nothing that you can do to stop it. There are many techniques and methods available which can help you to stop panic attacks. Let’s find out what you can do when you have a panic attack.

Repeat a mantra

You need to create a mantra for yourself which you can repeat whenever you are having a panic attack. Because it may be difficult to think during a panic attack, instead of thinking, you can repeat the mantra that you prepared beforehand. Also practicing the mantra before you actually have an attack will keep you prepared for the right time. The mantra can be a word or phrase which will help you to come down. Find your own mantra because different words or phrases will work for different people. It may be a simple line like “I am fine,” “I am calm and safe” or anything else that will help you to feel okay at that point.

Deep breathing

Hyperventilation is a common symptom of panic attacks. If you somehow can control your breathing, you’ll be able to stop the attack because when you control your breaking it will send a message to your mind that you are not in danger. When that happens, the parasympathetic nervous system will take over and it will be easier for you to stop the attack. Deep breathing means you breathe from your diaphragm instead of your chest. When you do that it will automatically shift your focus from the panic attack to the breathing and as a result of that you will forget about the attack. When you perform deep breathing, it will bring more oxygen into your body and will help you to fight shortness of breath. There are different breathing exercises which you can try but focus on the deep breathing exercises. Choose one that is easier for you and practice it beforehand so that you are ready when it is necessary. With little bit of exercise, it will be easier for you to perform such a breathing which will calm you down and will help you to stop the panic attack completely.

Create a system to follow

Before you have a panic attack, create a system for yourself which you can follow whenever you suffer an attack. It should be an automatic process so that it’s easier for you to carry out even during the panic attack. If you create and prepared the system before and practice it by doing each and every step even when there is no panic attack, it will help you to be ready for the attacks. You don’t have to think what to do because you will automatically follow the process and do what is necessary to stop the attack.

Focus on a specific object

If you practice focusing on a specific object as and when you want, it can help you to stop panic attacks. If you start focusing on a specific object it will help you to become more mindful and that will help you to ensure that you are not focusing on the wrong thing, which is the panic attack at this moment.

Focusing on a specific object is not easy but it is possible to achieve that with practice. When you can focus on a specific object whenever there is a panic attack, it will automatically reduce the intensity of the attack and will help you to completely forget about the attack after some time.


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