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Home remedies for nail fungus

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If you're suffering from nail fungus problem, there are some home remedies which can help you to get relief from this difficult condition. Let's find out some such home remedies.

Vicks VapoRub

Vicks vaporub contains camphor and eucalyptus oil. A recent study found that if fixed VapoRub is applied to an affected nail at least once a day, about 83% people found improvement in the condition and 20% of them reported getting rid of the infection entirely.

Listerine and white vinegar

Listerine is a mouthwash that contains thymol and menthol as ingredients. Both of these ingredients have antifungal properties. On the other hand, vinegar is acidic and it makes the environment unsuitable for fungi. If you use Listerine and white vinegar together it will help you to get rid of nail fungus infection. You need to mix them in equal portions and soak the toes in that solution every day.

Urea paste

You will find over-the-counter urea paste which will help you to treat your nail fungus problem. Such a paste will help you by dissolving the diseased portion of a nail and leaving the healthy part intact. When the disease portion is dissolved, you can now apply an over-the-counter antifungal cream which will treat the fungal infection. However, you should be more careful while using this method because of the removal of the nail portion, the area may become more susceptible to infection. It is better to talk to your doctor before you go ahead with this treatment.

Oregano oil

Oregano oil contains thymol and it has antifungal and antibacterial properties. You can apply the oil on the affected nail twice-daily using a cotton swab. It is also possible to use this oil along with tea tree oil to make treatment more effective. Sometimes some people may find some irritation or allergic reaction because both of them are potent essential oils.


Cornmeal was previously used for getting rid of blackspot fungal disease from roses and so it has some antifungal properties. The same cornmeal can help you to get rid of nail fungus problem by eliminating the fungus causing the infection. For cornmeal into a pan and mix it with hot water to make a paste. After the mixture cools down, you can soak your feet in it for an hour.

Changing your diet

Sometimes changing your diet may also help you to get rid of nail fungus. You need to include some healthy foods in your diet so that your body can fight conditions like toenail fungus better. You should include more probiotic rich yogurt, more protein for better nail regrowth, more iron to prevent brittle nails, high fatty acids containing foods and foods rich in calcium and vitamin D.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that has antifungal and antiseptic properties and so it can be used in treating nail fungus which is caused by fungi. It is more effective against toenail fungus. You can use the tea tree oil directly onto the affected area. Do that twice daily using a cotton swab.


Garlic is well-known for its antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It can also be used for treatment of toenail fungus. You can use chopped or crushed garlic cloves on the affected area. Keep it for 30 minutes and do that every day. You can also consume garlic cloves so that you can take care of the infection from inside. People who do not like raw garlic can consume garlic capsules.


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