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Prevent toenail fungus with these healthy habits

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The following healthy habits will help you to prevent toenail fungus.

Click your toenails correctly

Sanitise your nail scissors or clippers before you use them to cut your nails. Cut them straight across. If you want to file your toenails, you can do that to remove any sharp edges. Clipping your toenails correctly will ensure that your nails are clean and healthy and there is no scope for the fungus to start growing there.

Where shoes that are fitted

They should choose shoes that fit you properly. Your shoes should not touch your toenails in anyway. You should not wear a shoe that is too big for you. Because if you are wearing a big sized shoe, you tend to jam your toenails into the end of the shoe and that may create problems. Your shoe should not cramp your toes and so it is always better to buy shoes that come with a wide toe box.

Alternate your shoes

You should always alternate your shoes. Do not wear the same shoe day after day. If you wear a damp shoe, which is sweaty from yesterday's workout, the possibility of toenail fungus will increase. You need to rotate your shoes. You should not wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. You can also alternate your socks. You should air your shoes between wearings. Keep them in open so that they can dry thoroughly.

Wear breathable footwear

It is very important for you to wear breathable footwear. Enough here should be able to circulate around your feet. When air circulates, it reduces the possibility of toenail fungus because then your feet will be drier. Fungus generally grows in damp and wet areas and so it is very important for you to keep your feet dry and airy. If you keep your feet wet and damp, the possibility of toenail fungus will increase. Always choose shoes made of canvas or leather because they are breathable material.

Disinfect regularly

You can scrub your shoes and used disinfectant to disinfect them. A bleach based cleanser is very good for such disinfection. It can also spray your shoes with and antibacterial spray. Always wear shoes with socks and wash your socks in hot water and bleach because that will kill any fungi present. You should wash your feet daily and before wearing your shoes you should dry them thoroughly. If moisture is present between the toes, it can cause toenail fungus and other fungal problems. So, make a habit of drying your feet completely before you wear your shoes.

Do not go barefoot in these areas

Public areas like public pools, locker rooms, showers may be breeding grounds of fungi and so you should not go into these areas barefoot. You can always wearers sandal, flip-flops or even shower shoes if you are going to a moisten environment and public area. If you keep yourself safe by preventing any possible contact with fungi, you are more likely to avoid fungal toenail infection.

Sprinkle your shoes

An antifungal powder is what you need to keep yourself safe from fungal foot infections. This antifungal powder can keep you away from possible fungal infection. You can sprinkle the powder in your socks and shoes and that will help you by preventing growth of fungi spores. You need this antifungal powder more during the summer days and in hot weather because your feet tend to sweat more in such conditions and you need to avoid the sweat and the most condition because that can be the breeding ground for fungi.

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