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How to combine bodybuilding and powerlifting

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Body building and powerlifting have their own benefits and when you combine them they offer tremendous benefits. You will see some hybrid athletes who combine both powerlifting and bodybuilding and they can compete at the highest level of both sports. It is possible to combine them both and get the benefit of they have to offer.

Do heavy weight in hypertrophy rep ranges

Hypertrophy work (6-15 reps) can help you to build muscle tissue and so it’s important for you. It can build the muscle which will work as the foundation for powerlifting. It is also beneficial for you because it will improve your stability. You need muscle to lift more weight and if you have more muscle mass, it’ll be easier for you to lift heavier. Bodybuilders on the other hand are comfortable with high reps but they sometimes forget that they need to lift heavy for that hard, dense muscle. So include heavy weight and perform reps in the hypertrophy rep ranges. It’s a combination of both powerlifting and bodybuilding and it will benefit you by offering you more power and more muscle.

Be versatile

Powerlifters may be accustomed to thinking that there are only three main lifts. If you can think beyond that, it will not only make you stronger, and more mobile but also less prone to injury. You will have a more balanced muscular system and that will help your body to use the firing patterns more easily. If you combine bodybuilding techniques like tempo manipulations and pausing at peak contraction, it will help you to create more muscles and more power without you having to do anything extra. Instead of simply moving the muscle, if you learn to feel the muscle, you will get more benefit from the same exercises by adding a few extra changes. For example, if you include a few sets of light leg extensions after squatting, you will feel most stable and much better at your knees.

On the other hand, bodybuilders can learn a few movements which are traditionally used in powerlifting because that will add so many dimensions to their training. If you want to build your hamstring and glutes, you will need to go for low bar squats. If you want thickness and growth in your chest and triceps, you can try caused powerlifting style bench-press.


Bodybuilders do not like carb but carbohydrate is important for increasing your strength. It can be added slowly and safely to the diet. You will need to monitor it but it will help you to improve your strength. If you’re looking for strength performance, you should not have low carbs in your diet.

On the other hand powerlifters need to have the right macros so that their bodies can get what they need. If you combine them both, the diet will do wonders for you. It will not only provide you with the strength but it will also increase your volume within a short time. A general baseline of 1.2 to 1.5 g of protein, 1.5 to 4 g of carbs and 0.3 to 0.6 g of healthy fat per pound of bodyweight can be followed and based on this baseline individual diet plans can be created which will offer the maximum benefit to you. You will get the necessary macros and other elements which will fuel your volume and strength.


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