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Super foods for your brain

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The following super foods will help your brain by improving your brain health.


Walnuts contain heart healthy and anti-inflammatory nutrients. It is also a very good source of alpha linoleic acid (ALA). It promotes blood flow which will increase the amount of oxygen reaching your brain. Regular consumption of walnuts will improve your memory, learning and motor skill coordination.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains high levels of monounsaturated fats which is very much important for your brain. It reduces brain ageing which means you’ll be mentally more active than other people even when you age.


If you like sardines, this is a good news for you it is another superfood which will help you to improve your brain health. Sardine is a fatty fish and it can boost your brain health and function. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA which will reduce the risk of dementia. It will also improve your focus on memory.


Berries are good for your overall health but they are one type of superfood for your brain will. Berry consumption and your brain health have a direct link and the mole Berry you consume, more beneficial it is for your brain health. If you consume a diet that is high in blueberries, strawberries and other types of berries, it will slow down your mental decline and as a result of that you will have better memory and focus in comparison to other people who do not consume berries regularly.

Dirk chocolate

Dark chocolate is another important food element which can help you to improve your brain function and its activities. The chocolate contains high levels of antioxidant and so it is healthy for your whole body. Chocolate is also rich in flavonoids, which is one type of antioxidant which will improve your blood flow. It will also help you by regulating your cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.


Coffee contains caffeine, which is a mild stimulant. It can improve your mental equity and that’s why many people regularly drink several cups of coffee every day. It can boost your brains effects. It also has antioxidant in high quantity which will help you to maintain your brain health. If you drink coffee regularly, it can also save you from depression which can negatively impact your brain and its functions.


Spinach is already known as a food that gives you lots of energy. Besides that it is also very good for your brain health. It contains high levels of antioxidants lutein, which will help you to protect from cognitive decline. If you consume more leafy green vegetables and cruciferous vegetables regularly, it will reduce the rate of cognitive decline in comparison to other people who do not consume them. So for a better brain health even when you age and grow old, you need to consume leafy green vegetables and spinach is one of the prominent leafy green vegetables that you will find easily.


Another superfood which will improve your brain function is avocado. It is already known as a superfood that is very much beneficial for your overall health. It contains high levels of monounsaturated fats which will improve your vascular health and blood flow. The more blood flow you have to your brain, the better brain health you will have. Include avocado in your daily diet and you will see both physical and mental benefits within a few weeks.


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