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Qigong for happiness, health and vitality

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Qigong offers many benefits to the regular practitioners. Starting from building muscles and power, strengthening different organs, improving cardiopulmonary function, strengthening the nerds, improving vascular function, preventing injury to joints, ligaments and bones it can offer so many different types of benefits. It can also help you to become healthy and full of vitality along with increasing your happiness.

Reduce stress and balance emotions

Qigong can help you to reduce stress and balance emotions. Recent studies have found that one of the biggest factors in deciding stress levels is the emotions. Exercising can definitely help you to manage your emotions to some level but it may not be able to help you to completely balance the emotions that you have. On the other hand, the clearing process involved in Qigong can be used to manage your emotions, especially strongly repressed and spontaneously overexpressed emotions. Many of the movements used in this can specifically address your problem area. It can address your grief, depression, frustration, irritability and combination of these problems.

Qigong will help you to convert the energy of negative and destructive promotions to positive emotions. You will be able to release stress directly with the help of control of the central nervous system in Qigong.

Since qigong reduces stress, it also has a positive impact on your digestion, because stress and digestion are closely linked. As a result of that, it can help you with issues like gastritis, IBS and ulcers.

Better mental health

It will help you to re-establish the body, mind and soul connection. It will impact you on a deeper, emotional level. You will have a deeper spiritual development, experienced body confidence, better attention and a deeper sense of connection to other people. It also improves the functions of the parasympathetic nervous system which will help you by calming your body and mind, releasing muscle tension and nervousness, including deep breathing. It will also help you to relax more and get deep sleep. All of this things will help you to feel happier in your daily life.

Good for sedentary workers

It is also good for sedentary workouts. If you sit for too long, it can weaken your body. When you sit for a longer duration, the circulation of your fluids becomes sluggish and as a result of that your tension increases. Such a situation can strain your nervous system. Qigong will help you to stay physically comfortable and mentally alert.

Reduces blood pressure and improves heart health

Qigong includes movement which will stimulate your natural energy known as qi (chi). After practicing at, many people feel warmer, more limber and tingly and more energetic. It happens because it will improve your circulation and lymphatic drainage. Depending on the style it will affect the cardiovascular system differently but it will come down your racing heart and mind. Some of the sites may include more vigorous practice which will increase the heart rate and thereby will provide a low to moderate intensity aerobic workout. It will improve your blood pressure by increasing your stamina, strengthening the heart, lowering stress and boosting circulation. It is even safe for people suffering from different types of illnesses. For example, it is considered safe for people who have myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease, bypass surgery and heart failure.


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