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Avoid these foods if you have multiple sclerosis

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If you are suffering from multiple sclerosis or you are seeing the initial symptoms of it, you need to avoid certain foods. Why? Your diet is a very important tool when it comes to multiple sclerosis. It can help in managing the symptoms of MS better. When you suffer from MS, your immune system attacks the central nervous system and it can result in symptoms like

  • fatigue
  • numbness
  • movement problems
  • bladder and bowel dysfunction
  • vision problems

So to avoid all the problems that MS can cause and to ensure that you get rid of the symptoms of this problem, you need to avoid certain foods. Let's find out what these foods are.

Saturated fats

It is very important that you saturated fats if you want to avoid MS symptoms. If you consume saturated fats present in animal products and tropical oils, it will worsen the symptoms. You can always reduce your saturated fat intake to less than 15 g a day and it also has positive health implications for your overall health. It's a healthy step towards good health. However, it does not mean that you completely eliminate all types of fats because that may not be healthy as you need fats for proper functioning of your body. Specially, do not eliminate fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, beef liver, cheese and egg yolks because they contain good amount of vitamin D which has a protective effect on MS.


Some people who suffer from MS may show gluten intolerance. However, it may not be true for each and every MS patient. You can go gluten-free which means eliminating all types of wheat, barley, rye etc. from your diet. Before doing that, you need to take advice from the experts.

Diet drinks

If you are drinking those diet drinks, it is the time to stop doing that. Drinks that contain aspartame, caffeine and alcohol are not good for you because they can irritate the bladder. If you have some bladder related adverse symptoms, it is always better for you to avoid these drinks.

Full fat dairy

You will need to eliminate full fat dairy from your diet if you are suffering from MS you have the symptoms. Instead, you can opt for low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products as a protective strategy.

More fruits and less refined sugars

You will need to cut down the amount of refined sugars to avoid the symptoms of MS. Even though there is no direct link has been established by any study, reducing refined sugars will help you to manage your weight, which is very important for people who have MS. If you consume more sugar and calorie laden foods, it will increase your weight and that can result in more MS related fatigue. It is always better to consume more fruit because it is very good for your overall health. You can choose them as snack and dessert. They contain high fibre which is good for you if you want to get rid of MS symptoms.

Overall, it is very important that eat well, feel well so that he can leave longer. MS is a lifelong disease and you will find different challenges at different points of time. It will be easier for you to manage MS and the symptoms if you have a healthy lifestyle that focuses on eating healthy foods at the right quantity and also living a healthier life. You don't need a very strict diet but it is always better to avoid some of the foods or at least reduce the quantity of them to avoid any flare-ups or worsening of the symptoms.


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