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Why should you do double unders?

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Probably you have been skipping rope for some time and either you hate it or you love it. Skipping rope after some time can be boring for you. That is when you can move yourself higher by doing double unders. Double unders will need speed, finesse, focus, precision and rhythm. That is why it is the challenge for many people. However, with more practice it can become a very effective and beneficial exercise for you.

In double unders, you rotate the rope to full-time is around you in a single bound. It is difficult and challenging because if you do not do it correctly you will either step on the rope or thrash yourself with it. It is also challenging because you need more hang time to perform the double under.

It will make you look like an athlete. Since double unders need total central nervous system engagement it will also improve your mind and body coordination. It can improve your reaction time and quickness because you need to jump quickly and which is like a stimulus to your central nervous system. The quick bounding action of double unders will work on your fast twitch muscle fibers, which will give your calves shape and definition. It will also help you to train for explosiveness as you need to jump twice high from the ground in comparison to single unders. It will work on your stabilizing muscles because when you land they will absorb your downward movement.

Double unders will provide you conditioning and fat loss benefits. It can also improve your starting speed, Worrell speak, coordination, power, accuracy, endurance, bodily control and strength. Double unders can be integrated into different types of training styles. You can integrate double unders in a high-intensity circuit, a heavy lifting or bodyweight exercises. They will increase your heart rate and within a very short time will give you a very powerful exercise. You will also be able to burn lots of calories and fat from your body. Double unders will give you all the other athletic benefits.

How to do it

First of all, you will need to master the single under and then only you should go for the double under. Maintain a relaxed posture and keep your focus. The elbows should be in and the hands at waist height in front of you. While turning the rope, you should use your wrists not your arms. The body should be engaged. When you take off and land, you should do that lightly and on the balls of your feet. First, you need to do 100 to 200 single unders without a mistake and then you can try double unders.

While performing double unders, you need to jump higher and slow. You need a power jump, which means you need double the time an altitude of your single under. Keep the posture and the form same as single unders. Perform three single unders and then throw in one double under. After it becomes easy for you now you can do to singles and one double. When this becomes easier for you, you can go for one single and one double. After that you can simply link your double unders one by one, which means performing several double unders at a go.

There are specific courses and experts available who can help you to improve your double unders. Learning from them will reduce the time necessary to learn the double unders and will also help you to learn it without any possible injury or demotivation.


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