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Skin care tips liked by dermatologists

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The following skin care tips are liked by dermatologists and they want you to know about them so that you can use these tips to have great skin.

Avoid the sun

If it is possible, avoid the sun. If you cannot avoid it, wear sunscreen and a hat. There are sunscreens available with anti-inflammatory and barrier repairing ingredients. Never leave your home without the sunscreen.

A full body examination

See you dermatologist and get a full body skin exam done. Dermatologists are experts in their own field and they can tell you more about your skin. They can also teach you a proper skin check so that you can do it yourself to know more about the condition of your skin. It is also beneficial for you because you’ll be able to catch melanoma at an early stage when you know how to check your skin. If you can catch melanoma at an early stage, it is 100% curable. If you know what to look for, that may save your life in future.

Eat well

The food that you eat has a direct impact on your skin and its health. The skin works as an excretory system that will eliminate substances not good for your body. Many people are lactose intolerant and so they cannot drink milk. Dairy products can be mucus forming and are difficult for body to digest. If you are consuming too much dairy and your body is not able to digests them, may show up in the form of cystic acne, which is characterized by hard, painful bumps under the skin on the chin and jawline area. Milk, cheese and yogurt may also mimic the hormone is which cause oil production in the skin and if that happens because of more oil, acne problem may start. There are some other foods which are good for your skin and so you need to include them in your diet. For example, vitamins C is good for your skin and it is available in most of the citrus fruits, including oranges and lemons.

Remove your make-up

This is a tip which has been repeated by many experts. You should effectively remove your make-up if you want to have a clearer and healthier skin. After you remove the make-up, your skin becomes a clean canvas. If the make-up is still there or it is not removed effectively, how can your skin absorb skin care products? As soon as you get home, immediately clean the make-up. You don’t have to wait till the time right before you go to bed to remove your make-up. Debris and pollution can clog the pores and so removing the make-up will help you pores. A gentle cleansing oil can be the first step of removing the makeup effectively.

Use targeted exfoliators

Dermatology clinics often use AHAs and BHAs. You can also use them at home. These exfoliators can reveal brighter skin. They will also help in getting toned skin. They are good for you because they can remove stubborn surface skin cells which are causing dullness. BHAs can enter pores and dissolve sebum. They can also fight dormant acne. Use them to clean the clogged pores, which is a very important part of skin care treatment.

Find a great moisturizer

Finding a great moisturizer for you is very important. Moisturizers are important because they help the skin barrier by offering lipids. They also protect the skin from external chemicals. If your skin is parched, it will provide water. There are many great moisturizers available and depending on the skin type you have you can choose one which is good for you.


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