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Skin Care Tips Recommended by Dermatologists

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You can get skin care tips from any drugstore tabloid. But do these actually work? If you want to know about truly beneficial skin care tips, you’ll have to talk to a dermatologist. Here is a list of tips to take good care of your skin, recommended by doctors:

Do a Face Massage before Bedtime to Prevent Wrinkles

This may sound just a bit wacky, but some dermatologists actually recommend it. Wrinkles are inevitable, but they can be prevented or reduced in severity. One totally free wrinkle treatment some dermatologists recommend is a facial acupressure massage right before going to sleep. Though it sounds complicated, acupressure here refers to gently pressing your fingers against temples, inner eyebrows, and nostrils for a few seconds. The entire massage won’t last more than three or four minutes. Doing so will relax your facial muscles, which prevents scrunching at night leading to less severe crow’s feet and frown lines.

Don’t Leave on Trips or Vacations without Sunscreen

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. Skin cancer can be easily prevented if you can just heed precautions like wearing sunscreen. Doctors advise patients to wear sunscreen on exposed areas, especially the neck, chest and hands. The skin covering these areas ages faster so it’s best to wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50. Don’t forget to travel with sunscreen, particularly when flying to sunny states like Texas, says Dr. Gunter of Waco Dermatology, Dermatologist in Waco. UVA rays can get in contact with your skin through airplane windows, so wear sunscreen if you are flying during daytime as well.

Hydrate from Outside In as Well

Proper skin hydration does not only involve drinking plenty of water. Dermatologists warn that dry skin cannot be solved just by drinking water. You should learn to hydrate from “outside in” by using moisturizers, serums, and hydrating mists. This is a must if you spend most of your day inside an air-conditioned room.

Avoid Washing with Hot Water

Some people mistakenly believe washing with hot water is actually good for the skin, as it supposedly kills bacteria and opens pores. Not quite so, says dermatologists. Doctors say hot water can be too harsh on skin, especially for those with acne prone skin. Hot water can have a stripping effect where naturally moisturizing oils can be removed from your skin leading to excessive dryness later. Dermatologists suggest washing with tepid or lukewarm water instead.

Mildly Use Hydrocortisone Cream for Bags under Eyes

If you need to reduce the appearance of those bags under the eyes in a hurry for a big event, it’s appropriate to use some hydrocortisone cream, some dermatologists say. First, exfoliate skin. Then, instead of moisturizer, use an over-the-counter form of hydrocortisone cream. It will reduce swelling, puffiness or redness surrounding the eyes. However, doctors warn that this should never be done on a frequent basis. Hydrocortisone cream does carry risks and side effects when used in excess. Only try it as a temporary solution.

Don’t forget to eat plenty of fruits and veggies to give your body essential vitamins that keep skin looking healthy and glowing.