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Muscle myths that you must know about

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There are many myths about muscle circulating the fitness arena. Some of they are so true like that it becomes very difficult to differentiate between the truth and the myth. Let’s know more about some of the muscle myths, so that you can get better results from your diet and exercise.

You need to lift heavy weights

This is a very common myth which says that you will need to lift very heavy if you want to build more muscle. This statement is a very narrow statement because building muscle does not mean that you will have to lift heavy. There may be other options which can help you to build more muscle. Their bodyweight exercises, there is yoga and there are other fitness and methods and processes which can help you to build muscle. Simply lifting heavy weights will not help you unless you focus on your diet. Your diet will give you 80% of the result and the exercise only 20%. If you are looking for a muscular and attractive body, you can achieve them by other methods as well.

Heavy lifting for a longer duration may also take toll on the joints.

You need to work out for a long duration of time

Another myth that you will often hear is that if you want to add more muscles, you will need to workout for a long duration in the gym. This is not true. If you are working out for longer duration than other people it doesn’t mean that you will have more muscles than other people. Muscle will depend on a lot many factors and not only on the duration of your workout. As mentioned earlier it will depend more on the diet and less on the workout. So, even if you workout for very long, you may not get more muscle. Instead, working out for longer than necessary may harm you by causing injury. You just need 3 to 4 good workout sessions every week to create a muscular and beautiful body.

You need good genes

Good genes may help you in many factors but it does not mean that you need to have good genes to have more muscle. If that have been the case, only people with good genes have had great physic. Good genes can help you by making it a little easier for you to become more powerful and get some muscle but that does not mean that you cannot overcome the problem of gene and the right training. Millions of people are proving that instead of good genes, you need the right discipline, dedication and goals to add on more muscle and to have a great physic. But you will need the right training so that you can overcome these obstacles and achieve the goals that you have in creating a body that you want.

You need to go to an expensive gym

This is another myth which many people believe. They believe that you need to be a member of an expensive gym where you get high-quality machines and then only you can add more muscle and look better. This is further from the truth. You don’t need all those machines. With so many equipment, it may be very difficult for you to choose what to use and how long to use it before you switch over to another equipment. You are actually paying for the equipment that you don’t use. Even with simple bodyweight exercises, you can take on more muscles and create the body that you desire.


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