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Complementary and alternative treatments for breast cancer

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Breast cancer has many treatment options and with new technologies and treatments, the success rates of such treatments are increasing. Besides the regular treatment options, there are some complementary and Breast Cancer alternative treatments available which can be very effective against breast cancer.

Most of the complementary and alternative treatments are form of holistic medicine. The main objective of such treatments is to restore health and balance of the patient. It’s not only focused on the body but it takes into account both body and mind.

Types of alternative treatments

A major part of those complementary and alternative treatments include the following-

  1. Traditional Chinese medicines. It may include tai chi, qigong, herbs and massage. The objective here is to unblock internal energy that runs in the body.
  2. Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda is a very effective system of treatment of body and mind, which has been there for ages. It focuses on harmonizing mind, body and spirit using meditation, medicine, food and massage.
  3. Naturopathy and homeopathy treatments. These systems use herbs, natural and botanical products that help the body to heal itself.
  4. Indigenous healing methods. The origin may be Native American, Hawaiian or South American.

Some alternative treatments


Acupuncture may help in getting relief from hot flashes that happens due to breast cancer treatments. At the same time yoga and meditation can also help in reduce hot flashes. It will also help you by reducing vomiting, pain and fatigue.

Tai chi and qigong

They believe that a natural bioenergy is present and it can help in recovering from breast cancer. It can help in creating health and in the healing process. If that energy is blocked or weakened, then disease conditions happen. So, when you improve or strengthen the energy it helps in health improvement and elimination of the disease condition. Tai chi and qigong are from China. Through gentle movements, focus on breathing and meditation manipulation of energy is done.

In China doctors prescribe qigong for cancer. The treatment is done in addition to chemotherapy and radiation. When the patient is in an inoperable condition or at an advanced stage, then it is recommended as a primary treatment option. Tai chi is also used as a complement to standard care.

It is also good for cancer patients because it can increase self esteem, improve quality of life and sense of well being.


Yoga is another treatment option which is used for treatment of cancer. It is a complementary treatment for breast cancer. Yoga is important because it improves overall health and increase energy, vitality and quality of life. It is highly recommended specially after surgery. Depending on the health condition, different types of yoga can be opted for. Hatha yoga and restorative yoga are some kinds of gentle yoga systems which can be used by people who have undergone surgery. Other people can opt for some tougher yoga forms. Breathing, gentle movements and relaxation are the main benefits of yoga for breast cancer patients.

The athletic type of yoga will work on the upper body. One such example of yoga is power yoga. So, while choosing the type of yoga, you need to be careful so that you can derive the maximum benefit from the yoga type for your condition.

Herbs, supplements and botanicals

Antioxidants can help in the treatment of breast cancer. Vitamins E and C and co enzyme Q10 are good for such cancer patients. These elements are present in different natural, herbal supplements and botanicals. However, please consult your doctor before using them as some of them may block cancer medications.

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