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Common women training mistakes

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While working out some women make some common mistakes. Whether they are exercising in a gym or in their own homes, they tend to make these mistakes. These mistakes can be costly as they may prevent you as a woman from achieving your objectives.

Let’s find out what these mistakes are.

Not following a well-designed program

You need a well-designed program because only that can help you to achieve your goal. This program will be designed according to your goal. Your objective may be to lose weight, firm and tone up your body, lose belly fat, become stronger, and participate in a figure competition and so on. Depending on your objective, you will need to choose a well-designed program. You need a proper balanced program. Warm-up, strength training, cardio and all the other necessary elements should be present in the right proportion so as to achieve the objective. It is very important to find the right program for yourself because your success or failure will depend on it to a greater extent.

Choosing the wrong training modality

When you, a woman, wants to get in shape or lose weight, you will generally go for cardio exercises like running, kickboxing, spinning etc. And you always avoid strength training exercises. However, strength training can offer so many different benefits to you and you are losing out those because you think strength training will make you a bodybuilder. In fact, it can help you to increase bone density, tone your body, add little muscle mass and improve your metabolic rate. If your metabolism is improved, it becomes easier for you to lose body fat.

Not lifting enough

Some women complain that even though they are lifting weights, they are not seeing any increase in their strength or body. It means that probably even not lifting heavy enough or not lifting enough at all. If you want to see some positive changes in your body and increase your strength, you will need to lift heavy. Initially you can start with your bodyweight but as you progress and get stronger, you’ll need to add external load while performing the exercises. It is very important to keep challenging your body so that your body has the chance to grow more. That is how progress is possible and it will change your body composition, performance and strength.

Not resting enough

Another mistake women make is not resting enough. There may be two types of rests- rest in between sets and resting between workouts.

During the rest period between two sets, you don’t do anything else, you simply rest. Do not try to use this time to perform another exercise. There are exercises and circuits which are done without any rest or very minimal rest. Unless you are doing that, it is important for you to rest between two sets. When you take some time appropriately between two sets, you allow your muscles to recover. It will ensure that you are performing the exercise which qualities. During the rest period your body rests and gets ready for the next set of exercise.

It is also important to rest between two consecutive workouts. You may need to take a day off after five days of continuous exercise. The rest period is very important for you because during this period your muscles recover. In fact, the rest can be more crucial sometimes than the exercises. So, ensure that you are getting enough rest between two workouts and also between two sets.

Sleeping soundly is also very important for you because during the sleeping hours your body will recover and recuperate and then only your body will show growth in strength, composition, tone and muscles.


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