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Strength building strategies

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When people want to build strength, they use different types of tools and techniques. However, they forget that without the right strategies building strength is very difficult. You need the right strategies to build more strength within a short time.

Let’s know about if you strategies to build strength.

The big four

If you want to build more strength, you will need to use the “big four.” The big four includes squat, deadlifts, bench press and shoulder press. These are the best strength building exercises and you should include them in your workout. Focus on these four and then include the other exercises that you need to build more strength. Both the pulling and pushing exercises are important for you and you should include them in your workout.

Keep it simple

Instead of trying to make it complex by varying the reps, lifting time, rep speed and other variables, you can always keep your exercise and workout simple. Those variations may be very good for advanced lifters and bodybuilders but they may be very confusing for a basic or intermediate person. You need to focus on raising and lowering weights in a controlled manner. How much weight you are going to use will be decided by your present level. You will need to keep adding more and more weight as you progress but if you keep it simple it will be easier for you to follow and easier to do.

Use barbells

Many experts believe that if you use barbells, it will give you more strength. They advocate at least initially using the barbells instead of dumbbells. However, it will again depend on your present level and your coach. If possible use barbells for the “big four” and see how much benefit you’re getting. Using barbells have some advantages because you can load a lot of weight and since you need to lift heavy to increase your strength, it is more advantageous for you. However, do not neglect the bodyweight exercises and dumbbell exercises.

Write it down

This is another important strategy in increasing your strength. You will need to maintain a log and write down the exercises that you are performing each and every day. This is a very good strategy because it will help you to see what you are doing and what is working for you. It will also help you to see if you are missing out something and if the present workout is not providing new the optimum results that is possible to get with the times and effort you have devoted. From the log, you’ll be able to see how many reps you have completed with a certain weight for a particular exercise. Now you need to try to improve that number.

Balance your training

This is another strategy which will help you to build the maximum strength possible. You will need to balance your training. If you are doing something for one side of your body, you must also do the same for the other side. This is a rule that you will need to follow all the time. It will help you to stay away from injury and muscle imbalances. Let’s take an example. If you are performing chest exercises, it should be balanced with back training lifts. If you are doing squats, it should be balanced with Romanian deadlifts. However, you don’t have to do the balancing exercise on the same day but you can do it on a different day of the same make. This is a formula you cannot forget because you will need to use it all the time.


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