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Different options for teeth whitening

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If you want to go for teeth whitening, you will have different options to choose from. Different whitening options have different benefits and advantages. Let’s find out what are the options you have when you want to go for teeth whitening.

In office whitening

If you want to whiten your teeth within a short period of time, then in office whitening is something that you should go for. It’s a protocol that is done by trained and experienced dentist or technician. A reasonably high concentration peroxide gel is used in this process. The process is done carefully and in a controlled environment. First, gums are protected with a paint on rubber dam and then the high concentration peroxide is used on the teeth. The peroxide is kept on the teeth for 15 to 20 minutes to one hour at most. If the patient has stubborn staining problem, in that case, repeat use of the process may be necessary. In some cases, additional bleaching sessions may be necessary for some patients.

Over-the-counter products

There are many over-the-counter products available which claim to whiten your teeth. It may be the most convenient and cheapest method of whitening your teeth. Most of them are bleaches which are used for whitening of the teeth. There are whitening kits available that contains a bleaching gel. The concentration of this gel is generally very low and so they are safe for use by anyone at home. Trays are available with the gel so that it can be applied on the teeth. Some may have paint on applicators or strips. These OTC products are more effective when you need to whiten just a few of the teeth.

Take-home kits

There are professionally dispensed take-home kits available which can help you to whiten your teeth. In the long duration, they may help you more because you can use them at your home. Such kits are easy-to-use. They also contain lower concentration peroxide gel. You need to use the gel on your teeth and keep it for an hour to several hours. The duration will depend on the concentration of the gel. It may be necessary to use custom-made bleaching trays for using the gel on the teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is used in teeth whitening mostly in in-office whitening. It is very powerful and fast acting and so it is used when the duration is very short. The concentration may vary from 9% to 40% depending on the use.

On the other hand, carbamide peroxide is used in at home teeth whitening kits. It is slow acting. Carbamide peroxide breaks down to hydrogen peroxide and it has about one third of the strength of hydrogen dioxide. These are generally used in kits which are used at home so that you do not need special training to use them and they are also safe for use by anyone.

Maintaining your results

Once you get your teeth whitened, it is very important to maintain the results. If you want to extend the longevity, there are a few things that you need to do. At home follow up or maintenance of the whitening may be necessary at a short interval. In some cases, the maintenance may be necessary only once a year. It is important to avoid dark coloured foods and beverages after you whiten your teeth. Follow this restriction for at least one week after the procedure is over. It is also very important for you to practice high oral hygiene because that will help you to maintain the white colour of your teeth.


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