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30 Day Weight Loss Challenge Meal Plan

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Are you tired of torturing your body by versatile diet plans and sweating exercises, as well as searching for the best shake for weight loss? There is always an alternative to fat reduction activities. It does not refer to magical pills or capsules that remove overweight with a scoop. Let's be realists and recognize that a slim body requires not a miracle but a hard work. And the basis or the initial step to a slender appearance is what comes to the stomach.

What is the Principle of Diets?

Such notion as kcal or simply calories is the first thing you need to learn for a successful start of undertakings aimed at fat removal. Each product or food possesses a certain energy value expressed in kcal. Your body uses the energy derived from digested food. If the energy rate used by the organism is less than the energy rate of consumed nutrition, say Hello to new fat formations on your body. Logic suggests that the reverse ratio of these rates results in the reduction of overweight. Such principle is the essence of most diets. A user restricts its daily calories thus triggering the fat burn.

Meal Plan for a Month

The offered plan can be called a long-term diet. However, it is not as challenging as most diet plans are. Nevertheless, you will have to make preliminary calculations of calories to develop a proper nutrition. All you need to do is to find out your regular daily need of kcal. This rate stipulates the consumption of energy via physical and mental activities. The next step is to define a suitable deficit. Make sure not to undervalue of this rate to avoid loss of musculature and violation of essential processes in the organism. Based on these figures of kcal, you can develop your daily ration and derive the portion size.


Foods and Menus for 30 Day Meal Plan

In fact, there are dozens (or even hundreds) of various recipes for a month meal plane available on the web. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to follow a certain one since you are capable to invent your own menu solution. As a rule, whole foods like veggies, fruits, whole grains, as well as sources of healthy fats and protein, will prevail in your daily menu. Such components as sugar, trans fats, and refined grains will be either eliminated or minimized.

Another essential point of your nutrition plan is the refusal from processed sources of nutrients. In most cases, this type of products is not a fit for the needs of your meal plan. On this account, the attention will be drawn to developing cooking skills and modifying habits of eating. Nobody said it would be simple.

As for the number of meals per day and the size of portions, you have a freedom of actions within limits of the daily amount of kcal. Actually, the accustomed approach of dividing daily menu by three major meals is outdated and less effective comparing to the advanced solution of five or six meals a day. Naturally, such amount of meals stipulates the reduction of portion size. However, the overall effect for weight management is much more fruitful.


When making the 30-day nutrition plan, you act as an inventor with the established TOR. Watch the daily calories rate required to your activities and eat what you want in accordance with this rate.