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Tips To Keep Men In Their 40’s And 50’s Healthy

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As an aging man you probably find it extremely hard to gather the time to make in the gym like you used to. In fact, you probably find yourself lacking the motivation. When you combine this with your other everyday responsibilities, it truly is a recipe for unhealthiness. However, not to worry because there are tons of things and practices that you can do in order to achieve the health that you are looking for.

Get Rid Of The Stress

When you hit the 40’s and 50’s mark, your career, financial obligations, and family pressures can be extremely stressful. You probably now have three or four people constantly relying on you and what you bring in each week. If all this stress is pent up and not released it can present itself in the form of a heart attack or some type of heart disease. Studies show that heart disease hit men at a much younger age than it does women. In fact, the number one killer of men between the age of 40 and 50 is heart disease. You have to take the time to distress throughout the week. Exercise, meditation, yoga, and even stress management classes can help with this.

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Routine Check Ups At The Doctor

You probably take your car into the garage once every couple months to get the oil and air filter changed. Well, the same practice should be applied with your body. You don’t want to skimp on any visits to the doctor. Women are more prone to see a doctor at least one time a year, even if it is a gynecologist, but men just seem to get out of the routine. This is something that you want to prevent at all costs, because it will allow you to catch warning signs and prevent diseases before they occur.

Eliminate The Bad Habits

Bad habits are hard to get rid of and they get even harder as you get older. So, if you are a smoker or a midday drinker, you need to either cut back or stop altogether. Not only does consuming alcohol cause heart problems, but it can also affect the liver. Smoking makes your heart work twice as hard, because it causes the heart to work harder in order to pump blood to your lungs and other essential organs. In fact, studies show that as soon as an individual stops smoking, the heart automatically begins to repair itself. So, there is still time to improve your health just by stop smoking.

Properly Managing Weight

Due to your lack of motivation to get in the gym and exercise, you have probably put on a few pounds. Well, it is no secret that the metabolism slows down after age 40. So, when you combine these two factors together you are looking at a heart attack waiting to happen. Obesity is without a doubt one of the leading factors of heart diseases and managing your weight is the very best way to stay ahead of the game.