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Drinks that can help you to increase your metabolism

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If you want to reduce your belly fat, a very successful and interesting way to do it is to increase your metabolism. There may be different ways to increase your metabolism but drinks can also help you to rev up your metabolism and burn more belly fat. Let’s find out what type of drinks can help you to increase your metabolism and reduce your belly size.

Grapefruit water

This drink contains to natural metabolism boosters- grapefruit and rosemary. Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant but it can also increase your metabolism. Studies have found that it is capable of increasing glucose consumption in specific cells. If you drink grapefruit juice, it can help you to lose several pounds within a few weeks. When you combine grapefruit along with rosemary, you get a potent fat burner by combining the powerful metabolism boosting ingredients of the two products.

Ginger cucumber water

This is another ginger water infusion which will help you to increase your metabolism. Adding cucumber to this mix will ensure that you have a better taste and it can continue to drink it for a longer duration. You will also need to add a little bit of honey in the ginger hot water mix before adding the cucumber. This is a tasty drink for you which will also help you by boosting your metabolic rate. To make this, you need one slice of ginger and then you have to add boiling water to it. Steep the ginger for five minutes and then remove it, after which you can add one tablespoon of honey and then add the sliced cucumbers. Then all you have to do is stir and drink.

To prepare this drink, you need to put rosemary in an infuser and then steep it in boiling water for five minutes. Then add half a grapefruit juice, stir and drink up.

Ginger green tea

Ginger has a specific and important role to play in reducing belly fat. When you consume ginger it causes a warming effect of energy in your body and this effect can increase the metabolic rate. It also reduces the levels of hunger for people who consume it. In this tea, ginger is combined with green tea. Green tea alone has thermo genic properties and it can promote fat oxidation. When you combine these two potent fat burner and metabolism booster, you are getting benefit from two different sources and that is a mixture which can help you to improve your metabolism and at the same time burn more calories and fat from your belly area.

To make this, you will need to put 1 tablespoon of grated ginger in a glass and then add boiling water to it. Both 2 tablespoon of green tea in an infuser and steep it for five minutes. Then add 1 tablespoon of honey to the glass, stir it and drink.

Lemon ginger water

Ginger is a metabolism boosting foods. Lemon, on the other hand, contain flavonoids, an antioxidant besides containing vitamins C. This is not only a good tasting drink but it also provides you with several health benefits. In this mixture, first you add water to grated ginger and then sliced lemons. You can stir the mix and drink up immediately.

All these drinks are very easy to make right at your home and it doesn’t take lots of your time. They can help you to boost your metabolism without even exercising.


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