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Little Known Facts of the Caribbean

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What comes to your mind when you think of the Caribbean? Let me guess, vacation destination, right? While this is certainly true, the Caribbean has provided much more to the world. Many people are not aware that certain health and medical benefits to society originate from this part of the world.

Saving Lives

Pool together a group of people that reside in the United States and ask them collectively what they think of when asked about medical schools. Depending on the size of the group, you are likely to hear about schools and residencies that have been featured on television and news media.

These schools provide our hospitals with some of the brightest minds in medicine. However, another percentage of medical professionals are quietly practicing medicine and providing life sustaining and saving services.

There is a percentage of students who are overlooked by the medical school systems in the United States and Canada. What happens with these talented individuals? One of the top Caribbean medical schools is seeking out these qualified, yet overlooked, prospective medical students.

The result is best demonstrated in the words of Dr. Bruce Deighton, who was the keynote speaker at the Trinity School of Medicine 2017 commencement ceremony: “the immeasurable impact of extending care to those in need; and the recognition that as their accomplishments grow, so should their standards for themselves, resulting in the inevitability of leaving the world better than they found it”.

Knowing now that the Caribbean is not only a travel destination but also a desirable medical school location, what else comes from this beautiful part of the world?

Better Nutrition

As we visit our local grocery stores, the produce department is filled with colorful fruits and vegetables that may, or may not be, locally grown. Have you ever looked through the exotic produce section? Keep your eyes open for the following produce from the Caribbean:

– Breadfruit is a native of Polynesia, and can also be found throughout Barbados and Jamaica. One cup of this fruit provides 60 grams of carbohydrates. For those of us who lead an active lifestyle, this provides a quick and healthy energy boost. Breadfruit is also rich in fiber. Be careful to not overindulge, as it can create excess heat in the body.

– Jackfruit is known for its sweet aroma and dietary benefits. Its filled with essential nutrients for the immune system, eyes, and a healthy heart. A great addition to the diet of those who suffer from constipation, as this fruit is rich in fiber. Those who are diabetic should heed caution, as this fruit can alter glucose tolerance levels.


Yes, the Caribbean is a vacation destination. Hidden behind all the resorts and beautiful ocean water is the hard work of the students and professors alike. Soon, these medical students will be practicing medicine across the United States and Canada, saving lives.

Take a few moments next time you are in your grocery store and search for the exotic produce. If your store doesn’t stock fruit from the Caribbean, ask for the produce manager. Many have the ability to order these exotic fruits.

So, much more than just a pretty picture on a travel agent’s desk, isn’t it?