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Constipation And Its Hidden Causes

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Constipation is one of the most common modern human suffering. Constipation spoils your mornings, cuts your mood and can make life extremely unpleasant in some situations. Besides all the familiar constipation causes – lack of sufficient intake of fiber and water, physical inactivity and unhealthy eating, constipation also has hidden causes. Although it is a matter of joke, constipation is a problem that must be taken seriously. If conditions associated with slow intestinal transit become chronic, all your attempts to lead a healthy life will be sabotaged. One of the unpleasant effects of constipation is that is the main cause of bloating, skin disorders, acne and accumulation of toxins.



Here are some of the hidden causes of constipation:

If you drink enough water, and you have a healthy diet rich in fiber and yet you are the victim of torments in the morning, is likely you suffer from hypothyroidism. The most common thyroid dysfunction causes chronic constipation in young people. In parallel the metabolism is very slow and there is a tendency  of weight gain. A routine medical examination, especially if problems are common, is required.

Painkillers can be the cause of constipation! If you abuse painkillers due to various reasons, they can lead to a period when constipation becomes a problem. You can fight the suffering related to slow intestinal transit, consuming more fluids and fruits. “Kill two birds with one stone”, increase the analgesic effect and fiber intake.

If you are a chocolate addict, you have all chances to become dependent on laxatives due to the fact that the substances in cocoa have constipation as a side effect. The solution is to reduce the dose of chocolate and increase consumption of whole grains and green leafy vegetables.

Supplements of calcium and iron are two of the hidden causes of constipation. The phenomenon occurs only when the intake of calcium and iron exceeds indicated doses over a period of time. The best solution is to drink more water.

Laxatives are the most commonly used solution to get rid of constipation but, ironically, these drugs encourage the installation of chronic constipation. The body becomes dependent on these incentives and can no longer function normally in their absence. One solution is to vary the active ingredient in laxatives or use natural laxatives such as green tea, plums,  dry apples, for example.

Restrictive diets, those with very low-calorie intake or diets dissociated with weight loss, adopted  for a long period of time cause constipation. Orient yourself to diets with increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, always choose whole grains and rely with confidence on the benefits of yogurt.

Depression and antidepressant treatments lead to constipation. Transit difficulties arising from the inhibition of neurovegetative mechanisms that are responsible for depression, but also stimulates the intestinal mechanisms. Treatments of this kind are strictly supervised by physicians. Ask your doctor for help also in terms of bowel problems.

Drugs that control and reduce stomach acidity  have adverse effects like bowel blockage. Most drugs of this kind contain aluminum, which neutralize stomach acid and once with it and the final process of digestion. An increased consumption of fiber is very helpful.

Antiallergic drugs and drugs that control your blood pressure leading to constipation. The bowel is turned upside down also by diuretics, often used for treating and regulating blood pressure. Constipation caused by these drugs, can be cured if you drink more liquids. An important support comes from the herbal laxative teas effects that do not cause addiction.

In early pregnancy, but also throughout it, all women have problems with slow intestinal transit. Constipation is the effect of specific hormonal mechanisms associated with the period of pregnancy. I know it sounds trite, but increased consumption of vegetables and fruits is always effective.

Ignoring the need to go to the toilet. Ignoring this need may in time lead to constipation.

Constipation is a real pain, which brings other problems, some of them very serious. For this reason  constipation and its hidden causes should be kept under control.