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Ideal Weight And Weight Loss

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Ideal Weight And Weight Loss

Ideal weight has become a goal, a benchmark, but remember that it is primarily a condition of a healthy life. Tables showing the standard values of ideal weight in relation to sex, age and height, are very much welcome and useful for self-assess, but not enough. It must be said that you can be in the ideal weight limits also even if you exceed by 10%. Furthermore, if an overweight person looses only 10% of his body weight has huge benefits. Ideal weight is an approximate value which can be interpreted differently from person to person, depending on sex, age, activities and, not least depending on personality. Any metabolic suffering are added that can change the weight upwards or downwards.


Ideal Weight

The body has metabolic control mechanisms that are able to maintain body weight very close to the ideal weight. Variations are registered in the range of 10-20%. In principle these mechanisms should be sufficient with only one condition: to respect the rules of healthy eating and physical activity present constantly. Ideal weight is maintained first by natural hormone that control hunger. In these circumstances it can be said that weight gain is a result of food abuse, which alters the delicate hormonal balance. The result is that the body loses the ability to control the weight  and hunger sensation. In addition the body adjusts to a higher weight and resets on these new coordinates.

The mechanism can be used in reverse. A reduction in weight, especially if it is graduate can set the “internal scales” on a lighter weight. This explains the stagnation of weight loss procedures in the course of diets, when they reach certain values. If the diet is continued the weight loss process resumes.

It turned out that most of the people when it comes to weight overestimate themselves . In each decade of age about two to three kilograms are added, which is normal. A healthy life and a balanced diet can help keep your ideal weight, regardless of age.

If you want to lose weight in healthy way, without starvation, then the rule say you must limit daily calorie consumption to 25 units per kilogram. This means that a person of 70 kg should be limited to a caloric intake of 1,700 calories.

The solution is to eat nutritious foods, but that are low in fat, to bring enough protein, healthy fats and sugars that are so much needed. On the other hand the success of a diet for weight loss is guaranteed to meet a few conditions.

  • Regular meals. This way you consume fewer calories than those with irregular meals.
  • Eat slowly, not at the computer, not when watching TV.
  • At least 30 minutes of exercise every day.
  • Follow a normal volume of food portions.

In conclusion the ideal weight should be seen as a body constant like all other biological constants that ensures a healthy life.