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Home remedies for TMJ

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There are several home remedies available for treatment of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) pain. If you want to get rid of the root cause of TMJ, you will need to use these home remedies. Then natural and so they do not have side effects.

Jaw exercises for TMJ

Different types of jaw exercises are available for treatment of TMJ. Most of these exercises use different parts of the mouth to find a solution for this problem. You need to open your mouth as wide as you can and then using your tongue, chin, hands and fingers stretch or massage different parts of the jaw. You can choose one or more exercises from different types of exercises which experts recommend for TMJ problem.

Eliminate nutritional deficiencies

If you have some nutritional deficiencies, that can aggravate Temporomandibular Joint problem. If you are dehydrated, that can cause muscle cramps in your shoulders, neck and mandibular joints. So, you need to keep yourself hydrated. If you are not drinking enough water, it may be a major cause of TMJ. You need at least eight glasses of water every day.

Nutritional deficiency of calcium and magnesium can result in TMJ pain. Researchers found that if your body lack calcium and magnesium, it can cause TMJ. When calcium and magnesium supplements are added to your food, it can reduce TMJ pain. Calcium is important for you because it strengthens your bones. On the other hand, magnesium reduces muscular tension. Your food may not be able to deliver the required amount of magnesium and calcium. Magnesium rich foods include almonds, avocados, cashews, roasted peanuts, cocoa powder, corn, flax, roasted soya beans, molasses, low-fat yoghurt, oat meals, pumpkin, rice, whole milk, wheat and walnuts etc.


Calcium rich foods include unpolished rice, and boiled milk, which floor, banana, sesame, coconut, oranges, almonds, green peas, spinach, cabbage and groundnut etc. Calcium rich foods can help you to eliminate TMJ pain.

Relaxation exercises

There are several relaxation exercises which focus on reducing TMJ pain. Deep breathing exercise, exercise for spine are some of those exercises which focus on relaxing your body and thereby reducing the pain. You can also perform simple exercises like walking, cycling, jogging or playing tennis which will help you to relax and pump your blood. For relaxation, you can also use yoga and meditation exercises because they can help you to relax within a short time. You will need to reduce stress if you want to reduce TMJ pain.

Lifestyle changes

If you want to get rid of TMJ pain, you will need to make some lifestyle changes. Such changes will also help you to cure TMJ.

You will need to change your defective sitting posture. If you have a habit of sitting in around posture, you will need to change it. You need to sit as direct as possible. If you need to sit for a longer duration because of your work, you need a good chair with lumbar support. It is also important for you to get up and stretch your body while taking a short intermittent breaks. If you slouch on the desk, this is the time to change your habit.

Plain body massage may also help you to get rid of TMJ pain. You can use sandalwood, bergamot, juniper, tea tree oil or other essential oils for massaging. That will improve your blood circulation and will also provide relief from pain associated with TMJ. Hot massages can also make you relax. Such massages to your shoulders, neck and jaw will help you to get relief from the pain.

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