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Tips for hemorrhoid treatment

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The following tips will help you in your hemorrhoid treatment by making the process easier for you and by eliminating the pain associated with it.

Add fibre to your diet

If you want to successfully handle hemorrhoid flare ups, you will need to eat more protein. When you increase fibre in your food, it will help you by making your stool soft and easier to pass. When that happens, it will not put any pressure on your hemorrhoids.

How do you add more fibre to your diet? You can simply eat high-fibre foods or you can take a fibre supplement. Broccoli, wheat, beans, whole grains, fruits and oat bran are some of the high fibre foods. The fibre supplements that you can use our Metamucil, Citrucel, or FiberCon. It is also possible to use both high fibre foods and fibre supplements.

Stop scratching

When you have hemorrhoids, it can each but he should never scratch to get relief from such itching. By scratching you can damage the walls of your delicate veins and that may make things worse for you. It is very important to stop the urge to scratch if you are suffering from hemorrhoids.

Clean tenderly

When you are cleaning yourself, do it gently. The toilet paper you are using may be scratchy. It may also contain some chemicals which may irritate your skin. You can always use water but if you do not use water, you can always get some unscented white toilet paper. Before you use it you should dampen it. There are some premoistened alcohol free wipes are also available and you can use them. Playing yourself thoroughly is important because if you leave something, that may result in hemorrhoids and may worsen the condition if you are already suffering from hemorrhoids.

Ease the passage

It is important to ease the passage of stools. Adding more fibre to your diet and drinking more water will definitely help by making the stools soft. You can add little more help in it by lubricating the anus. That can be done using petroleum jelly. You can ease your fingers or a cotton swab and apply the jelly into the rectum and inside it.

Go to the toilet when you need to go

If you are feeling the urge, do not try to stop it. You should go to the bathroom immediately. If you wait for a convenient time, it may create problems and may help in hemorrhoid formation. If your stool backs up, it may result in more pressure and straining.

Consume flavonoids

Flavonoids are mostly present in dark berries. Flavonoids are useful for you if you're suffering from hemorrhoids because it can stop the thinning of veins. That alone can reduce the development of hemorrhoids. People who consume flavonoids often has less severe hemorrhoid attacks.


If you exercise regularly it will help you by keeping your bowel movement better. Moderate aerobic exercise will improve your bowel movement and that will help you to prevent hemorrhoids and also get relief from hemorrhoids if you have them. Even 30 minutes of brisk walking can help you a lot.

Limit your toilet time

If you limit your toilet time, that will help you to prevent hemorrhoids and to get relief if you already have it. Many people read on the toilet and so they spend extended period of time in the toilet. This is not a very good idea especially when you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Why? Because if you sit for a prolonged duration, your blood will pool and enlarge the vessels and that will worsen your hemorrhoid condition. So, start spending less time in your toilet except the necessary time.


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