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Kettlebell mistakes that you can make

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You may make mistakes during your kettlebell exercises. Let's find out what type of mistakes you can make and what to do about that.

Going heavy without the right form

If you are in newbie tokettlebell, you may make this mistake. You may grab the heaviest kettlebell and try to exercise with it. However, if your form is not proper and you perform the exercise weights incorrect form, it is possible that you will injure yourself. Initially, it is more important to perfect a form before you add more weights. You also need to understand the difference between kilograms, pounds or poods or Russian pounds. One pood is about 16.38 kg or 36.11 pounds.

You should initially practice the basic movements without any weight. Once you perfect the form, and then only you should add little bit of weight. Start with the lowest weight possible and only after some time, when you affect the form with the low weight, you should move to a higher weight. Before you start yourkettlebell workouts, you need to do few basic mobility exercises as warm-ups. These warm-ups are very much necessary and you cannot skip them. As a newbie, it is very important for you to practice for some time before you start taking of the weights.

Generating force with only your upper body

Kettlebell exercises are known as full body movements. In these exercises, you move your full body and that's why these exercises are very effective. But if you are a beginner, you may try to muscle your way through the movements. You should never do that. If you do that, it will put too much of a strain on your upper body.

You need to practice yourkettlebell swings and need to learn the form properly. Inkettlebell exercises power is transferred from your lower body to upper body. You should keep your back nice and flat, squeeze the glutes, talk the tailbone underneath and snap forward the hips. If you can perform at correctly at your practice, it is more likely that you will be able to do it correctly when you actually exercise. Initially, you may need lots of practice before you achieve the desired perfection.

Swinging the kettlebell too fast

This is another mistake. He should never swing the kettlebell too fast. As a beginner, you may make this mistake. If you swing a heavy kettlebell without any control, it may result in a pulled muscle. It may also create other problems for you. Do not try to exercise too fast withkettlebells. You should focus more on keeping the right form stead of doing it faster.

You need is slower control movement because only it will strengthen your stability muscles and larger muscle groups. You will need to control yourkettlebell on its way up and also on its way down. There are differentkettlebell exercises which will be effective only if you can control thekettlebell with the right form.

Using thick soled running shoes

If you are doingkettlebell exercises, you should avoid your running shoes. Generally, running shoes have a cushioned heel and it keeps your heel off the ground. In that case, it may destabilise your natural grip on the floor. Such a running shoe does not allow natural movements of the foot, lower leg ligaments and your ankle.

Try minimalist shoes or if you can performkettlebell exercises barefoot. Doing it barefoot is the best thing to do in case of kettlebell exercises. You can also use minimalist workout shoes with thin soles.



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