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How to live a natural healthy life

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Cook yourself

Cook from scratch and do-it-yourself. It is always better than ready to eat or take ways. When you cook from scratch you can use healthy ingredients in your cooking. Whole food ingredients are much better for you than those chemical, preservative, salt laden ready-made ones. Always avoid pre prepared foods because they contain lots of chemicals.

Produce own cleaning supplies

With just a few simple ingredients, you can produce some cleaning supplies yourself. You don't have to buy those chemical cleaning supplies from outside. There are very simple recipes available which use simple ingredients and you can easily make them right at your home. There are not only natural and good for your health, they will also save you some money.

Reduce waste

Try to reduce waste as much as possible. It will not only save the environment, it will also save you lots of money. Avoid disposables and start using reusable products as much as you can. Also buy products in bulk so that you can avoid some extra wastage. When you buy in small amounts, you tend to waste food. Especially when you buy vegetables in small amounts or in smaller sizes, you tend to waste more in terms of peels, stems, roots etc. Always buy foods with minimal packaging because it will reduce the waste packaging material that you will throw out afterwards.

Soaps and shampoos

The you know that you can make your own soaps and shampoos? It's very easy to make them using just a few ingredients which are natural and easily available. It can avoid products which can cause medical problems including cancer by making soaps and shampoos by yourself right at home.

Grow food

Try to grow as much food as possible for you. Depending on your location and the available space, it may vary a lot but if possible you can start a garden. You can also grow if you halves in few pots, tubs and containers. You will have a more natural lifestyle and you will get fresh and natural products right at your home.

Sell the extra products

If you're making your own soaps and shampoos, and cleaning supplies, it is likely that you can make more than you need. In that case you can spread the word and sell the products to someone else nearby who doesn't have the time to produce them. You can also sell your natural home-grown fruits and vegetables and herbs to people who need them. If you can spread the word about benefit of natural and healthy living, more and more people will be interested in such a life. That will also help you to create a community and buyers for your products. It will save you money and instead will earn you some money as well.

Eat real food

Always make a habit of eating real food instead of processed foods. It is better if you can eat in its natural and raw form. At least you can eat foods with minimal processing. It is always better if you can grow them at your own home. You may need to plan ahead to ensure that you are eating real food in each of your meal. It will save you from harmful chemicals available in different processed foods and at the same time will also save you money. As mentioned earlier, you can always cook yourself and cook from scratch. Make some simple switches which can dramatically improve your health. It is possible to switch process foods with nourishing real foods. You can always go for foods in its raw form before lots of sugars are added to it.


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