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Benefits of human growth hormone

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Increase your muscle strength

Human growth hormone can improve your physical capacity. This hormone can boast collagen synthesis in your body in the skeletal muscle and tendons. As a result, your muscle strength will increase and you will have better performance during exercise. When a healthy man uses HGH, muscle strength increases in the lower body. When it is used in case of HGH deficient people, they experienced normalisation of their muscle strength besides increment of their existing exercise capacity.

Fracture healing is better

HGH can help you to heal fractures better by speeding up the regeneration process of bones. It is a key element of bone healing. When growth hormone is used locally, it will speed up your fracture healing significantly. And moreover, there is no side-effects of the hormone application. It increases healing by providing repair of wear and tear. HGH is very much beneficial for you as it speeds up the healing process of your injuries and wounds. It forms collagen to enhance the speed of the healing process.

Reduce risk of cardiovascular problems

If you are using HGH, you are reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems. If you deficient in HGH, than you have a higher risk and at the same time you will also have lower life expectancy. Research studies have found that people who are growth hormone deficient head higher triglyceride concentration and body mass. These results show that lipoprotein metabolism changes if the person is deficient in HGH and thus the possibility of cardiovascular disease increases manifold.

Increase your weight loss

Application of human growth hormone is very much important for you if you want to lose weight. It can help you to successfully reduce your weight. It works by accelerating lipolysis, which is the process of breaking down lipids. Triglycerides are converted to glycerol and free fatty acids in this process. If your body is not producing the necessary amount of HGH, then the lipolytic effect will be hampered and as a result you will not be able to lose weight.

So, when you use HGH, it compensates the non-availability of HGH in the body. That makes losing weight easier for people. It will help you to lose weight by reducing visceral fat from your body. It is especially useful for you if you are obese. If you are obese and you are eating a caloric restriction diet, then HGH will boast the body fat loss. At the same time, it will also improve the secretion of growth hormone in your body.

Erectile dysfunction improvement

If you are suffering from HGH deficiency, you are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and other reproductive problems. This hormone is important as it is responsible for male reproductive functions. If you have deficiency of this hormone, you will have less sexual desire and problem with erection. When growth hormone was introduced in case of patients in a study, it was found that growth hormone can boast penile erection. This hormone stimulates human corpus, cavernosum smooth muscle and thereby it can improve erectile dysfunction problem and help people to get better penile erection.

Stronger bones

If you want stronger bones, HGH can help you in that. Growth hormone release is stimulated by pituitary gland and these hormones are very important for bone growth. It is especially true in case of people in puberty. Growth hormone is necessary because it will boost the production of IGF-1. It is essential for bone forming and bone resorbing cells. IGF-1 can increase bone mass. HGH is secreted in less amount in older people and so they cannot form or replace bone at a rate similar to that of younger people.

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