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Tips for getting rid of acne

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Wash your face every morning

You will need a good face wash because it is very important for acne skin care. Choose the right one that contains salicylic acid or tea tree oil. You do not need additional moisturiser in your face wash. However, you need to remember that you should not wash your face more than three times a day. Why? Because it will result in oil rebound. You also need to pat dry your face. Never rub your face vigorously using a towel because that will aggravate the situation.

Use toner

Using a toner will remove the excess oils. You can use a toner later during the day. Instead of washing your face again and again, you can always use a toner to keep it clean and remove the excess oil.

Spray rose water on your face

Rose water is good for you and you should spray it on your face. Massage gently and let it get absorbed. It will offer important hydration for any oily skin and will help you by distributing the oils on your skin evenly. Rose water will also check the spread of acne to other parts of your face.

Prevent new outbreaks

Acne can reappear after some time and so you should be careful not to allow it the chance. If your skin is oily or you are no longer using the acne diet, then the possibility of reoccurrence increases. If you have not made any lifestyle changes after getting acne, it is more likely that it will reappear. Some lifestyle changes are necessary to prevent re-occurrence of acne. You can also use some home-made anti acne mixtures using aloe Vera and tea tree oil and other anti acne ingredients to make sure that acne is not reappearing.

Apply sunscreen

When you're going out in the sun, you should always apply sunscreen. When you are indoors, you don't need to apply sunscreen, because it may clog the pores. First spray some rose water and apply the sunscreen. Massage both together and let them get absorbed. Rose water is essential here because it will dilute the sunscreen and thereby will reduce the possibility of acne. However, choosing the sunscreen is a very crucial step here. You need to choose a lightweight sunscreen which is available in a lotion, fluid or gel form.

Scrub at least once a week

You need to clean the pores on your face because clogged pores will result in acne. To do that, do a two-step facial once a week. First, scrub away the debris so that your face skin pores are not clogged. Then use an oil control face mask. You can use any home-made scrub or can buy a suitable face mask.


Diet is very important when you have acne and you want to get rid of it. You should always avoid food that has high sugar content. If you are eating food which has high glycaemia index or high sugar content, it may aggravate the acne problem. Instead of that, you need to increase vegetables, fruits, fish oils, green tea etc. Stop eating fried and fast food. You should also avoid dairy products and chocolates if you want to get rid of acne problem.

Talk to a dermatologist

If necessary, you may need to talk to a dermatologist to treat your acne problem. If nothing is helping you in eliminating acne on your face, you should immediately see a dermatologist and find out what you can do about your acne. The dermatologist may prescribe some medicines and lotions to take care of your acne.


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