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Fertility Advice You Should Ignore

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Trying to become pregnant is more difficult for some couples than others. Unfortunately, couples who find themselves struggling with infertility are often confronted with unwelcome advice. If you’re in the same situation, watch out for the following four pieces of fertility advice you should ignore.

‘Quit Trying So Hard and You’ll Get Pregnant’

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Generally, couples will become pregnant within six months from the time they start trying to conceive. If you quit trying hard to become pregnant, you may be shortchanging your attempts.

Both members of the couple need to be healthy and time intercourse to perfectly align with ovulation. This timing involves charting basal body temperatures and trying to avoid missing the woman’s fertility window during each cycle. Couples who struggle with fertility have to persist if they are trying to conceive. If a fertility issue exists, a couple will be unlikely to conceive if both members stop trying. Consult a professional if you and your partner have tried to conceive for one year without success.

‘So and So Got Pregnant By …’

It doesn’t make sense to try the same diet or other techniques as other couples unless your situation is the same. Couples face infertility for many reasons ” ovulation difficulties, low sperm count, low progesterone, or weight issues. Therefore, the same fertility treatment will not work for every couple.

Trying some bizarre strategy for getting pregnant simply because it worked for someone else is usually a waste of time. If you think the recommended strategy could work, discuss it with your doctor before trying that technique.

‘Maybe You Should Switch to a Different Doctor’

Since couples can face infertility for many reasons, you shouldn’t switch doctors until you feel your doctor has tried everything for you. Remember, that trying to conceive can take a year or more.

If you’re still unsuccessful after a certain amount of time, your doctor may refer you to a specialist. Ignore people who tell you to switch doctors. Why start the infertility diagnosis process from the beginning again? You should switch doctors only if you don’t like the service you’re getting or you’re uncomfortable with your doctor.

‘Just Relax and Go on a Vacation to Get Pregnant’

Trying to get pregnant is stressful, and that stress impacts your health and fertility. However, if a couple is struggling with infertility, relaxing may not be easy, as other factors are most likely at play. Going on a vacation is not a guaranteed way to become pregnant. Ignore people who tell you to relax, that is unless they are willing to foot the bill for that vacation they are recommending.

The only fertility advice you should follow is the advice that comes from fertility experts, your doctor, and your own research. Remember that other people usually mean well when they give you advice, but good intentions don’t always mean that the advice you receive is good advice. Good luck to you and your partner as you try to conceive.