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How does body fat affect your body?

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Body fat means the amount of fat present in your body. It is measured as a percentage of total body weight. Even though the first image that comes to our mind when we say body fat is negative and is associated with obesity, cholesterol and such other health issues, however, to function normally, you need a definite body fat content in your body. Without that body fat, different metabolic and structural functions of your body will not run normally. The problem arises when the body fat starts creating problems in the normal processes of your body.


Too much body fat

Too much body fat is undesirable because it creates several problems in your body. If you have too much body fat you are likely to have different medical conditions. The extra fat which is not burn by your body is stored in different parts of your body such as liver, pancreas, abdomen, under the skin etc.

Too much body fat is bad for you because it will result in obesity and will cause other health issues like arthritis, heart disease and breathing difficulties. Too much body fat also increases the possibility of osteoporosis. Adiponectin is the obesity related hormone and it increases the possibility of osteoporosis and also fractures. The visceral fat or the fat present in different organs may harm your bones.

If you have more body fat, you're more likely to suffer from hormonal imbalances. Human growth hormone decreases when you have more fat in your body especially your abdomen. At the same time too much of body fat is also linked with visceral fat. Obese girls are likely to have more and androgens or male hormones. Such conditions also increases the possibility of polycystic ovary syndrome.


If you have more body fat, you are more likely to store environmental toxins in your body. Too much body fat will also decrease a function of your liver. If the fat is stored in the liver, you may have a condition called fatty liver. People suffering from this problem will have insulin imbalance. Even slim people can have this problem. Insulin imbalance may result in type 2 diabetes and also cardiovascular problems. Even a slim person who does not have abdominal fat may have fat in his liver due to consumption of high carb foods. It will also cause other health problems like abnormalities in liver function.

What to do

To make sure that you do not suffer from too much body fat, the first thing you need to do is to find out the body fat percentage of your body. In general the normal body fat percentage in case of men is 14-17% and in case of women it is 21 to 24 percentage. There are different methods of fat measurements available today such as Navy method, home body fat scales, skinfold callipers, hydrostatic weighing among others.

If you have more body fat than this, then you will need to find some ways to get rid of the excess body fat. For that, you will need to lose your extra weight. Regular exercise and a low carb, low fat, low calorie diet will help you to reduce body fat. Exercise is very important because it will help you to burn the stored fat and thereby reduce the total body fat percentage. You should continue a diet advised by an expert dietician to ensure that you are adding more fat to your body.

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