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How to quit alcohol

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How to quit alcohol is a question answers to which can completely change many lives. If you're an alcoholic or someone in your family is an alcoholic and you want to know how to quit alcohol, you will find some practical tips here. When you know how to quit alcohol, the process becomes easier and you were better equipped to handle the difficulties that show up when you try to stop drinking.


Think about the benefits

When you want to quit alcohol or make somebody quit it, the first thing that you need to do is think about the benefits of quitting. When you stop drinking you'll be able to sleep better, you will feel more energetic and alive, you will lose extra and unnecessary weight, your health will improve, your skin complexion will improve, you will have more money in hand, and the risk of cancer and other medical problems will reduce. These are only some of the benefits of quitting alcohol. There are more benefits and once you stop drinking, you'll be able to achieve all this benefits.

Change your attitude

When you're trying to quit alcohol, you are getting rid of an enemy and not a friend. You will need to change your attitude and understand that alcohol can never be your friend. It causes so many problems and embarrassment for you that it can only be your enemy. It destroys your life and you need to understand that. Once you understand, your attitude will change towards alcohol and quitting it will be much easier.

Gradually reduce the quantity

Instead of stopping it one fine day, it can be better if you gradually reduce the quantity of alcohol. It will be much easier to do. Once you start gradually reducing the quantity of alcohol you are drinking, you'll be able to stop it one fine day. Small victories mean a lot and reducing the quantity every day will be small victories for you and they will motivate you to stop drinking completely.

Change your routine

If you are scheduled drinker, changing the routine will help you to quit alcohol. Completely change the routine and add some other activities, especially if possible add exercising. If you exercise, it will help you to keep your mind away from alcohol and will also boost your immune system. You are in a cycle of addiction and when you break the routine it will be much easier for you to stop drinking. If necessary plan your activities well before and if possible involve other people because that will make it very difficult for you to get drunk.

Find a reason

You need to know this if you want to know how to quit alcohol. To stop drinking, you will need to find a reason for doing that. The reason will propel you much more than anything else. If you have a great reason, will be much easier to quit alcohol. If possible, try to try to find a positive reason for quitting alcohol. Once you quit alcohol and to find it difficult to maintain that, you always can remember the reason why you quit alcohol. And then it will motivate you further to keep sober. It can immediately make you so motivated that you will not touch alcohol at any point of your life in future.

Reward yourself

For every day when you do not touch alcohol, you should reward yourself with something. It may be anything and it may be small. But when you reward yourself, it will propel you further to take more action to completely stop drinking.


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