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How to increase breast size

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How to increase breast size- a questions that many girls and women ask. It is possible to find how to increase breast size. The following simple tips will help you to understand how to increase breast size.

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Diet and exercise

Diet and exercise are the answers to how to increase breast size. You will need to start exercising specifically targeting your breasts and chest. There are different types of these exercises which will help you to build and tone up your chest. Exercises like push-ups will help you to work on your pectorals, which will enlarge the pectoral area. When this happens, your breasts will look bigger and fuller. Dumbbell chest presses are also good for your chest.

Eat foods which will get more estrogen in your body. Such foods include soy products like soy milk, soy beans, and tofu and soy cheese. They will help you to supplement estrogen in your body. Even the breast enhancement pills contain estrogens derived from different types of herbs.

Get a push up bra

A push up bra is another solution to the question “how to increase breast size? If you search, you will find the right push up bra for you which will make your breast look bigger and better. Little bit of extra padding along with the push up bra will increase the size of your breast several cups. You can increase one or two or three cup sizes using such extra padding. Along with adding more to your existing breast it also makes them look natural.


You can also get some chicken fillets which are silicon bra inserts. These inserts are used inside the bra which provides a very realistic simulation of the real breast. The texture, weight and appearance is very similar to the real breast. They also are available in skin tone colour or transparent.

Breast enhancement products

There are different types of breast enhancement products which can help you to increase your breast size. There are different types of topical creams available which can help you in this purpose. They generally contain estrogen and collagens. This creams are good for you because besides increasing the size they also tone the shape of your breasts. According to reviews, they pump up cells in the breasts and thereby make them look bigger. It is always safe to use a cream that includes natural ingredients like aloe and shea butter.

There are breast fillers available which are injections of hyaluronic acid. This fillers are injected in the breast to increase its size. They can increase the size by a cup size or two. This is also a costly affair and they may have some side effects.

There are fat injections available in which fat taken from buttocks or abdomen are injected into the breasts. These injections make them look bigger and fuller. There are side effects and safety concerns associated with this measure.

Surgical enhancements

It is possible to surgically enhance your breasts. There are different types of breast implants available. You can choose either silicon or saline implants. However, such enhancements are costly and may cost about $ 5000-$ 10,000. For that, you will need to meet with a plastic surgeon and discuss in detail about the surgery and the right implants. It is very important to choose the right surgeon who has lots of experience and well-known in the field. There are some safety concerns associated with such surgeries and you should know about them before you undergo the knife. The recovery will take some time and you should talk with your doctor and find out everything about the surgery process and the possible dangers.



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