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Some steps to increase your height

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Internet is full of information on grow taller solutions. Some may be based on research or some may not. But getting taller and looking handsome could be a wonderful experience if we can do it properly.


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One thing we must understand before going into the details of getting taller. Our height is primarily defined by genetics. How much tall we will be depends on our parents' genes. We can't do much into it. Of course, factors like proper nutrition, sleep patterns and physical activity can contribute a lot in this regard. However, role of these factors in height development is not significant as genetics.

Our pituitary gland secretes human growth hormone that is responsible for metabolism of fat, muscle and bone and many other factors. The secretion of hormone starts between the ages of 12 and 13, and continue for five to six years. Some people continue to grow even after this, but it's an exception.

It is always seen that height is associated with individual prestige, attractiveness and power. Shorter people are always neglected in favor of their taller peers. According to a survey, most of the world's leading leaders and business executives are found to be above average height. So, it's natural that we always aspire to add a few more inches to our height.

Here are some techniques which you can follow to increase your height:

Get proper nutrition:

A well-balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, proteins and carbohydrates can help you add a few more inches to your height. A healthy diet rich in proteins, essential fats, carbohydrates, all the nutrients and vitamins can fuel body growth. Milk, lean meats, leafy vegetables and nuts should be the pillars of your height increasing diet.

Regular exercise:

Regular exercise is the best way to increase height. To start regular exercise, a pair of running shoes, a gym membership or access to a sporting facility can be your best bets. It's medically proven that some form of physical activity in our routine is a must for a healthy leaving. Any physical activity that involves jumping, running or other aerobic activities will result in longer and stronger bones. Exercise stimulates the nerve ends that are directly associated with the pituitary gland.

Get enough sleep:

Children grow the most in their sleep. Our bodies always function even as we sleep. Sleeping for eight hours a day is very essential. For best results, lie down on your back without a pillow. Elevate your knees slightly by placing a small pillow under them.

Do stretching exercises:

Stretching allows your spine to stretch out. Regular stretches could lead to an increase in height.

Hanging exercises:

Hanging exercises strengthen our lower back and add muscle. By performing a few hanging exercises, it is possible to extend the amount of time you stay at full height and such exercises will increase your height to an extent.

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