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New Hampshire Sending Out Medical Marijuana Cards; Grover Beach Bans Cultivation

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New Hampshire residents that qualify for medical marijuana will have their identification card sent out on December 28. Grover Beach, California now bans marijuana cultivation.

New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services announced on December 22 that patients who qualified to purchase medical marijuana will have their identification card sent out on Monday, December 28.

Registry identification cards will be given to all patients and/or their caregivers before alternative treatment centers are operational.

Commissioner Nick Toumpas was upbeat and said that the DHHS is looking forward to providing access to therapeutic cannabis under the new marijuana law. The Commissioner further stated that marijuana dispensaries will open their doors as early as this spring, and there have been over 100 residents that have applied for their medical marijuana cards already.

The availability of cards by the state of New Hampshire will allow people that are suffering from diseases, such as Linda Horan who is suffering from late stage lung cancer, to be able to buy marijuana across state lines and use it legally in New Hampshire. Linda went to Maine and purchased marijuana on December 18 while using her identification card.

New Hampshire has been fighting for medical marijuana for over 17 years, and seven different bills have been attempted to be passed in this time. Now that politicians understand
marijuana facts and the benefits that are provided to patients, MJWellness hopes that New Hampshire is just one of many states to offer medical marijuana to patients.

As of right now, there will be four alternative care centers opened up in New Hampshire in the cities of:

  • Dover
  • Lebanon
  • Merrimack
  • Plymouth

Benefits of Medical CannabisAlso in the latest marijuana news
is a report out of Grover Beach announcing that the city will put a ban on medical marijuana cultivation. The city is one of many that are following the recent state legislation that does not allow cultivation of medical marijuana within city limits.


California’s Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act dictates that local governments have until March 1 to properly govern cultivation in their respective cities. Many cities have attempted to come up with ordinances before the bill’s deadline. Assemblyman Jim Wood announced that the deadline was put in the bill by accident, and that the deadline is not set in stone.

A letter was published to the Assembly Journal that reaffirmed the error, but Grover Beach decided to take proactive measures just in case the deadline is in March.

It will be interesting to see what California laws bring in 2016, as the state has allowed medical marijuana usage since 1996. Cultivation will now need to be done in unincorporated areas, and no wording was put in the bill that discusses how the delivery of cannabis will occur as a result.