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Top 6 causes of fatigue

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Lack of sleep

It is the most common cause of fatigue. If you get to little sleep, it may result in fatigue. You need a definite number of hours of sleep, without which you will easily feel tired.

Eating less

If you eat less amount of food, you will have less energy than you require. With less energy, you will easily feel tired. It is also important to eat the right foods. If you eat the wrong foods, it may make you feel tired. If you start your day with doughnuts, blood sugar levels will peak and crash and it will make you fatigued. You need a healthy breakfast which should include protein and complex carbohydrates to provide you with stable energy levels throughout the day.


If you are suffering from anaemia, you will constantly feel fatigued. People suffering from anaemia do not have the required red blood cells. In that case, your blood cannot carry sufficient oxygen to your tissues and organs and you will always feel tired. Anaemia can easily be diagnosed with the help of the blood test. In general it attacks postmenopausal women. It also affects one in 20 men. However, it may also be present in case of women who still have periods. The most common cause of anaemia is iron deficiency and it can be treated with the help of iron rich foods such as lean meat, iron fortified cereals, shellfish and supplements.

Underactive thyroid

Thyroid is a gland present in your neck which controls metabolism. If your metabolism is high, your body can convert fuel to energy at a faster rate. If your thyroid is underactive, your metabolism will be affected. With a slower metabolism, you will also feel sluggish. It will also make you heavier by adding more weight. Hypothyroidism is 4 to 5 times more common in case of women than men. It is more prevalent in women who are over 40 years of age. It is possible to detect this problem with the help of the blood test. It is also possible to bring the level up by using some synthetic hormones.

Chronic fatigue syndrome

If you feel tired continuously for more than six month and if your fatigue is so overwhelming that you cannot even manage your daily activities, you are probably suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, which is also called as myalgic encephalopathy or ME. Like other medical problems, it also has different symptoms, but the most prominent one is unexplained exhaustion.

Even though there is no quick fix for this problem, but it can be treated and improved. You need to change your daily routines and learn better sleep habits. You will also need to start exercising to improve this condition.

Sleep apnoea

When you have sleep apnoea, you may not even know that you are not getting enough sleep. You may feel like you are getting the required amount of sleep, but actually, you don’t have it. People who suffer from sleep apnoea experience sudden stop in breathing during the night. Such interruptions disrupt your sleep without you even knowing about it. As a result, you become sleep deprived, even though you may spend more than eight hours in bed. In that case, you will always feel exhausted during the next day.

This is a common problem in case of overweight middle-aged man. If you are suffering from sleep apnoea and you continue to drink and smoke, the condition may worsen. To get rid of this condition, you will need to lose some weight and stop drinking and smoking, if you’re doing that.