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10 tips for better results from body wraps

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The following tips will help you to get better results from body wraps-

1. Take photos

Before you start body wraps, it is very important to take some photos of the area where you are going to use the wraps. Take photos from both front and side views. You need some clear and well lit photos, which will help you to find results better at a later point of time. We should specially focus on the areas of your belly, stomach, muffin top etc.

2. Measure

If you’re using wraps on your arms and legs, you need to go for the standard measuring. Use a tape measure to measure the places. If you are wrapping your stomach, in that case, you will need to take three measurements. Take one measurement at the belly button, one at 2 inches above it and the third one or 2 inches below it.

3. Take a hot shower


Just before applying the wrap, you need to take a hot shower. A hot shower will open the pores. While taking the shower, you don’t have to use any soap or lotion because they may block pores, which you do not want when you’re going for a wrap.

4. Apply body wrap

Now, apply the body wrap to the specific area. While doing that, you need to keep the lotion side on your skin. You need to keep it in place and for that, you can wrap a layer of saran wrap over the body wrap and cover the area using a clothing item.

5. Keep the wrap

Keep the wrap as it is for some time. You need to keep it for 45 minutes to 8 hours. You should not exceed the eight house mark in any condition. Generally you can keep it for 3 to 4 hours and even sleep with it.

6. While removing

While removing the body wrap, you may find some lotion leftover on the area where you apply the wrap. Instead of wiping it off, you can rub it into your skin till it disappears.

7. Take photos

Once you remove the wrap, take photos of the areas where you applied it. Keep doing that for the next three days. You need some clear photos so that you can compare the results with the ‘before’ photos. Photo should be taken from the same angles from where you to the previous photos.

8. Drink more water

You need to drink at least half your bodyweight in ounces of water. Drink that much water on the day when you body wrap and for the next three days. If you do not drink enough water, you will not see results.

9. Avoid some foods

After the body wrap, you need to avoid some foods such as fatty foods, tea, coffee, sugar, soda, smoking, alcohol etc. Since you do not want to ruin the results of your body wrap, you need to avoid these foods.

10. Do not do some things

When you are wearing the body wrap, do not exercise. Do not exercise the same day when you went for the wrap. The lotion applied in the wrap needs to get completely into your skin, otherwise there will be no results. So avoid exercise on the day. However, you can exercise the next three days. Also do not shower immediately once you remove the wrap. You can shower the next day, so that you can allow more time for the lotion to penetrate the target area.

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