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Benefits Of Weight training

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training or lifting weights

training or lifting weights


There are so many people who work out or are new to the gym that feel that strength training or lifting weights is only for body builders or experienced athletes. That might not be necessarily the case and it is definitely further from the truth. There are just too many benefits of weight training that you’re not aware of that will drive you to make it a part of your daily routine. Be it physical, health or mental, its benefits are the reason why it is increasingly becoming one of the most favored parts of many people’s training program:


  • Weight training increases your strength and your capacity for physical work. It further adds to your stamina and ability to handle the daily chores of your life more actively. You are able to work harder, find that you stay more alert and work hours longer without any lagging or fatigue with a proper weight training schedule.


  • It makes your bones stronger as it enhances bone density. An effective and result oriented weight training program can add years to your bone life and health and can prevent bone loss as you age.


  • It encourages fat-free body mass. The amount of lean muscle mass that you put on with a good weight training routine is hard to achieve. If you want to maintain that strong, lean muscle mass for as long as possible, adding weight training and sticking by it is the ideal way to go. It burns extra fat and keeps you young for many years to come.


  • Weight training works on the strength of not just muscles, but connective tissue and tendons as well. This improves motor performance and decreases the risk of injury.


  • It also raises your quality of life, you gain confidence and you feel great about yourself. It gives a healthy self image along with a positive body image. Strength and weight training does not only make you strong, but also helps manage your weight.



Getting Started-It becomes important to understand what the basics of strength training are and why you need to incorporate it into your training program. Once you understand all of its benefits, you can and you will want to start it right away in order to improve your quality of life and burn extra calories.


Take the first step by making an appointment with a personal gym trainer or fitness expert when about to start weight training. Professionals have the right knowledge and can guide you with proper form, movement, range of motion and also explain the basics to set up a weekly routine.  Experienced athletes also seek help from professionals as they can explain to them the ways to overload the body to achieve strength and endurance gains.


The basics of setting up any training program begin with starting slowly. This ensures that you have lower chances of injury and soreness. Starting with single sets of light weight, for all body parts and working your way up to single or double body parts using multiple sets is one way.


Using the correct weight is very important. Many beginners make the blunder of using too much weight that increases your chances of being injured because your form will be compromised with. Using too less weight put another problem, this way your muscles don’t get a challenge and you will not get the desired benefits from your weight training schedule. The most ideal way to find out if you are lifting the correct weight for you is that it should get harder to perform the latter sets or repetitions without compromising on your form or movement.


Giving your muscles ample time to rest and recover before you hit the gym the next day. You should get at least 8 hours of sleep for maximum muscle recovery and it is also advised not to work out the same until 48 hours have passed.


Your body requires more energy and works harder to maintain muscle as it does to maintain fat. Strength and weight training boosts your metabolism so your body can burn more calories throughout the day.


Weight training should not be boring; instead it should be something that you look forward to every day. Tweaking your routine, changing your exercises time and again, so that your body keeps on guessing is the right way to maximum gains in endurance and muscle mass and strength and to break monotony. The routine can be altered by using machines, bars or free weights and your own body weight. Also, changes in your routine such as increasing or decreasing the number of sets or reps, or weight, time between each set, different exercises, or altering your speed could keep you interested.