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High heels offer you more power

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In a recent study it was found that high heeled women have more power. It seems men behave differently towards women with high heels. Women have been using the heels to entice men since a long time. Starting from the streets of ancient Rome to the modern-day city sidewalks, heels have always attracted more and more men.

High Heels

High Heels

The study

Heels have also been a controversial symbol, especially in sexual politics. A scientific study has tried to measure the power of high heels. The Universite de Bretagne-Sud recently conducted experiments to find out how much power these heels can offer women.

Scientists from the University did several experiments and found that men behave differently in case of high heeled women. The results of the studies were published in the journal “Archives of Sexual Behavior.”

The study found that if a woman with high heels drops a glove on the street, she is 50% more likely to get a man fetch the glove for her than a woman wearing flats. Another finding of the experiments was that if a woman in high heels tries to persuade men to stop an answer survey questions on the street, she is twice as likely to be successful. Also a woman with high heels is likely to wait half the time to get picked up by a man in a bar, compared to a woman wearing flats.

Shoe power

It seems the heel size of a woman’s shoe has a powerful effect on the behavior of the men. Besides making them more beautiful, high heels also make them more powerful.


The raised shoes history began in Egypt, where the butchers use them to avoid treading on the blood on the floor. In ancient Greece and Rome, prostitutes used raised shoes, which made them easily identifiable in crowds. The sex trade was legal then. It was used for centuries in the Ottoman Empire and in Persia. They were linked with imperial power and considered erotic during the 19th and 20th centuries. The allure of high heels is still alive.


The study results are very significant as they are clear and consistent. High heels help in seduction. Men are more attracted to a woman wearing high heels because she looks taller, confident and sexually confident. Lengthened silhouette and sensual jutting buttocks are the two things created by high heels, which make the woman more attractive and desirable.

The study

In the study, 19 year old female volunteers wore high-heeled black shoes. The heels were 0.2 inches or 2 inches or 3.5 inches high. The volunteers encountered men between the ages of 25 to 50 and asked for help in different circumstances. When they asked the passersby for filling a survey questionnaire, volunteers with flat heels got a 46.7% answer rate, medium heels got 63% and high heels had 83% success rate.

Presently, the most fashionable heels are of about 10 cm (4 inches). There are some extreme heels, which measure 13 cm (5 inches).

Problems with heels

High heels can result in back pain and can also cause ankle injuries in some cases. If heels are worn for a long time, it can cause shortening of calf tendons. Besides that, women’s rights advocates also object to wearing high heels. According to them, high heels reinforce a misogynist stereotype that women are sex objects.

 If high heels offer women more power and sexy and beautiful, then probably nobody can stop women from using them. The important aspect is to know which ones to wear and how long to wear them.