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Rosacea symptoms, causes and treatments

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Red face and rosacea

Rosacea or red face is a skin problem that affects the face. It is also known as acne rosacea because of its similarity to acne. Generally the following symptoms of rosacea are seen-

    • Frequent flushing of the face. This is the first symptom of the problem. It may also be the only symptom for a long duration of time before any other complication develops.
    • Redness of the face. This redness occurs only in some parts of the face. It looks similar to sunburn.
    • Telangiectasia are seen on the face. These are tiny blood vessels which have found under the skin. They become prominent on the face in case of rosacea.

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  • Papules or small lumpy red spots are seen in the face. Sometimes pustules or small cysts also appear. Papules and pustules look similar to acne. They may appear and go after some time may stay for a long time in some cases, if not treated.
  • Eye symptoms- some eye symptoms are also seen in case of rosacea. These include-
    • burning and itchy eyes
    • dryness of the eyes
    • a feeling that something is there in the eyes
    • eyelid problems including eyelid inflammation
    • sensitivity to light
    • Infection and inflammation of the cornea. This is not common but it is a very serious complication and you should immediately see a doctor.
  • Thickening of the skin- in some of the patients it appears. A condition known as rhinophyma (where the patient has a bulbous nose) is such an example.


Causes of rosacea

Even though the exact cause of rosacea is not known, a number of factors are considered as the causes of the medical condition, which include-

  • Sun damage
  • small blood vessels become leaky or abnormal just under the skin affected
  • abnormal immune reactions
  • genetics
  • A tiny mite demodex folliculorum may be the cause. Generally it lives harmlessly on the skin but in case of patients suffering from rosacea it is found in higher numbers.


Rosacea treatments

No permanent cure for rosacea is available till now. However, treatments are available which help in easing the symptoms. Depending on the symptoms of the patient, the treatments vary. Based on the response of the patient towards the treatment, it may need some adjustments.

General treatment

You need to avoid strong sunlight on your face. Sunlight seems to worsen the condition. To avoid sunlight, you can use sunblock cream. The cream should have a high protection factor such as 30 or higher. It is better to have ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) protection in the green.

Facial flushing treatment

To treat facial flushing, you need to stay away from extreme temperature, excessive heat, strenuous exercise, alcoholic drinks, spicy food, sunlight, stressful situation and so on. You cannot prevent or stop flushing, but you can avoid the triggers that cause facial flushing.

Also about the medicines that cause flushing. If you believe that a medicine is causing the flushing, talk to your doctor to stop or replace it.

Treatment for spots and cysts (papules and pustules)

Doctors may prescribe some antibiotics for papules and pustules. To reduce inflammation of the skin. Commonly topical antibiotics are prescribed.

Treatment for eye problems

Eye symptoms in case of rosacea are rare and if they occur, the symptoms are mild. In that case, you don't need any treatment. The doctor may prescribe you some medicines for irritation, dryness, inflammation of the eyelids and other such eye problems. In case of a serious eye problem, you need to see an eye specialist immediately.


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