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7 Unusual Ways to Lose Belly Fat

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7 Unusual Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Eat More Often. It might sound counter-productive but eating smaller meals more frequently actually increases your metabolism and therefore allows you to burn more fat. The more fat burned, the more energy you get and allows you to do a lot more in a day. Eating three large meals a day teaches your body to store energy because it knows that it will have to wait for a few hours before it gets food again. Stored energy is fat. And since most of us get fat stored in the mid-section, eating smaller meals five times a day is actually a lot better than three large meals.

Get More Sleep. Again, it sounds counter-productive but sleep actually helps you lose fat. People who do not get enough sleep generally eat more to try and boost themselves. Most will turn to caffeine and sugar for that boost of energy. But regular intake of simple sugar will cause more fat. Making sure that you get 6 to 8 hours of sleep allows your body to recover from your day and when you wake up, you will feel energized naturally.

No Isolation. A lot of people think that if they do hundreds of sit-ups every day, they will get that washboard abs they see in TV. That's just not true. Your body has its own pre-disposition on where it will take fat to burn for energy. You cannot tell it to just burn the fat from your tummy. It just does not work that way. Instead of isolation exercises, engage in exercises that uses your midsection as a stabilizer like dancing or other similar activities. Push-ups can be a great midsection workout since you use your midsection to keep your body up. There are a lot more exercises out there that will yield the same result.


Bring Water Everywhere. Keeping yourself hydrated is a great way to lose that belly fat because if you sip water from time to time, the less hungry you become and also keeps you from binging with sweets later on. Water also aids in proper digestion which also makes sure that your body gets to use all the nutrients that you take in. You really don't need a lot of energy drinks and the likes to stay hydrated. Just go back to basics and take water.  It keeps you full, it cools down your body and helps in your digestion. So make sure you bring some everywhere you go.

Look At your Body And Not The Scale. Once you do start losing fat, there is your body's tendency to produce some muscle mass somewhere in your body. Now, muscle mass is a lot heavier than fat which is basically water. So, even if you lose a lot of fat but gained some muscle, the scale will most likely show you no change in weight. This is where many just give up because they are seeing no weight loss. Your goal is to lose belly fat not shrink to a twig. The result of your hard work will show in the mirror a lot faster than it will on the scale.

Improve Your Posture.                  Proper posture has a lot more advantages than simply making you to look better. Proper posture strengthens your back and allows you to do more exercises properly. Proper posture also improves blood circulation and breathing, both are important in making sure that your body gets the necessary nutrients it needs making your body more efficient while making sure that you get more energy to do your daily activities.

Avoid Stress. Stress leads to a number of emotional issues including emotional eating. Emotional eating is one problem that leads to more serious health problems like heart illnesses and diabetes.

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